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The Shake EUR Plastic card is accepted worldwide by either chip & pin or swipe and sign, allowing users to withdraw cash at ATMs all over the world or on online transactions. The Shake Android app allows you to top up your with Bitcoin, Dash, and Ethereum. The card has a 1€ monthly fee and a3% foreign currency conversion cost.


  • Card Type: Visa
  • Anonymity: Medium
  • Lifetime Load: No Limit
  • Lifetime Atm Whitdrawal: No Limit
  • Max Single Load: 10000
  • Card Currency: EUR


  • ATM International Fee: 2.75€ + 0%
  • Load Fee: 0€ + 1%
  • POS Fee: 0€
  • Initial Cost: 15€
  • Currency Conversion: 3%
  • ATMDomestic Fee: 2.25€ + 0%
  • Monthly Fee: 1€

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