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Shopereum – is a shopping website that supports fiat and crypto payments, and employs intelligent marketing techniques to optimize digital transactions.

The goal of Shopereum is to make the site a shopping place for everyone, so it accepts the most common cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, ….), besides the project token xShop, as well as fiat payment.


Shopereum uses the drop-shipping model to create an e-commerce store that sources from multiple warehouses. Users can shop online and pay with fiat or crypto, and then Shopereum will handle the payment in either way efficiently and with minimum overhead.

Besides, Shopereum employs intelligent techniques to manage the transaction with multiple suppliers, to optimize digital transactions, and to offer a shopping experience customized to the user needs.

A specific discount is offered for customers who pay with xShop token, the token proposed by the Shopereum platform. This project will be launched in Aug 2020 and scale-up in the second stage to allow the user to be a seller or a buyer.

Shopereum Model[edit]

  • Shopereum uses advanced technologies in AI and digital marketing to provide a smart user experience and personalized content.
  • Shopereum will employ data from the customer's and suppliers' behavior and recommend top-rated products that fit best the customers' needs.
  • Shopereum will pick and present products in a user-friendly manner. When the customer proceeds to checkout, Shopereum will offer payment in any of the popular cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) or cash. To encourage trading, customers will be provided a 5% discount for payment through xShop. Customers will make the crypto payments at a locked-in exchange rate.
  • Crypto payments will be handled by a crypto-payment gateway that will convert to the traditional currency of the supplier (USD, Euro, etc.)

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