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Skillchain logo
Skillchain ICO Review
Skillchain ICO
Ticker: SKI
ICO start: 2018-10-25 11:00:00
ICO end: 2018-11-24 11:00:00
Price: 1 SKI = 0.00024 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 66,780,000 SKI
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 15,000 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 35%
Minimum: 1 ETH
Accepting: ETH

Skillchain aims to build a world where individuals who stand out singularly for their abilities, track records and completed academic curricula are duly rewarded the roles and positions adapted to their talent and merit. Theirs will be the definitive protocol where universities, companies and non-academic training companies meet to immutably certify your skills and competencies.


Imagine a meritocratic world where rewards are distributed in a fair and objective manner to those who truly stand out for their abilities, proving themselves to be cut out for a job. It would be a perfect world.
Moved by this ideal and by the skills that members of our team have individually developed in their respective fields, we have created Skillchain, a protocol that can comprehensively certify all past and present experiences of people. Skillchain allows academic education institutions around the world to interact quickly and easily, certifying students' career paths, the qualifications they earned and exams they took. Skillchain's goal is to bring clarity to the job world by making sure that candidates' resumes are not merely based on self-declarations, but are the result of certified and swift interactions with the institutions they come from.
Their protocol will be made available to Universities and non-academic education companies to store data such as diplomas, e-learning courses, and in-class personal development training programs. This is set to become the most secure way to store personal data which can only be accessed by its owners or by people they have authorized to do so. Primary and secondary schools, career paths, e-learning platforms, non-academic training courses will be some of the data stored in one simple key sequence that can be used by job seekers or people in search of that perfect employee.
Their goal is to globalize the Life Skill Passport, through which everyone will get a personal profile which certifies their academic credentials, participation in non-academic training courses, their skills, previous work experience and recommendations received.
It will be user-friendly, quickly accessible, and subject to the profile owner's desire for privacy. But this is just the beginning. This application can incorporate any certifiable skill, people's career paths, or even personality test results of candidates applying for a job.
The challenge is to create a single place where those who wish to be admitted into a training academy, people applying for a job or participating in non-academic training courses can look up their own track record, while simultaneously making it available to parties who request access to it.


September, 2017: Feasibility study and idea.
October, 2017: Concept Development.
December, 2017: Prospect and relations Development.
January, 2018: API Project and process.
March, 2018: API and Skillchain Tool Prototyping.
April, 2018: Skillchain Tool online.
June, 2018: App Development.
September, 2018: Skillchain Edu Platform online, App on Android / iOS.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Davide Baldi Advisor Advisors Davide Baldi photo 3.3
Giacomo Bruno Advisor Advisors Giacomo Bruno photo 3.3
Sonia Giudici Advisor Advisors Sonia Giudici photo 3.3
Christian Ferri Advisor Advisors Christian Ferri photo 19.7
Giuseppe Perrone Advisor Advisors Giuseppe Perrone photo 5.8
Alessandro Arrighi Advisor Advisors Alessandro Arrighi photo 3.3
Amedeo Guffanti Advisor Advisors Amedeo Guffanti photo 3.3
Christopher Johnston ADVISOR Advisors Christopher Johnston photo 3.3
Maurice Hany ADVISOR Advisors Maurice Hany photo 3.3
Alfio Bardolla Founder Founder Alfio Bardolla photo 3.3
Alecos Colombo Product Manager Team Alecos Colombo photo 3.3
Davide Mitscheunig CO-FOUNDER - MARKETING & RELATIONS Team Davide Mitscheunig photo 3.3
Enrico Tosi CTO Team Enrico Tosi photo 3.3
Giorgia Pellizzari ASIA REPRESENTATIVE Team Giorgia Pellizzari photo 3.3
Alessandro Sandionigi Corcione BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER Team Alessandro Sandionigi Corcione photo 3.3
Martim Ventosa USERS SPECIAL PROJECTS Team Martim Ventosa photo 3.3
Fabiano Roberto Blockchain Developer Tech Team Fabiano Roberto photo 3.3
Andrea Votadoro Solidity Developer Tech Team Andrea Votadoro photo 3.3
Mirko Rapisarda Solidity Developer Tech Team Mirko Rapisarda photo 3.3
Domenico Lupo Front-end Developer Tech Team Domenico Lupo photo 3.3

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