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SkunkHash Raptor – алшгоритм майнинга

SkunkHash Raptor is an updated version of the SkunkHash hashing algorithm, which was developed and used by the cryptocurrency Signatum (SIGT).

SkunkHash Raptor Review[edit]

The main difference between SkunkHash and SkunkHash Raptor is that the algorithm under the designation Raptor is adapted for mining on the Central processing unit (CPU), the classic SkunkHash was only suitable for mining on the GPU. As for cryptocurrency support, SkunkHash Raptor is used by several coins that are Signatum clones.

Like the first version of SkunkHash, the Raptor algorithm consists of four different hashing functions and one balancer. The functions Skein, CubeHash, Fugue and GOST-Streebog were combined to create this unique algorithm. The combination of functions increases complexity of the algorithm and, accordingly, increases security.

SkunkHash Raptor Miners[edit]

For mining on SkunkHash algorithm are used CCMiner, CryptoDredge. Also, one of the best miners for AMD graphics cards is considered to be Prospector, while the algorithm is supported in the equally well-known SGMiner.

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