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Smart Contract Builder[edit]

Smart Contract Builder - (also called smart contract constructor) is a tool or service (usually visual MVP/interface) that allows to create smart contracts based on block chain with a simple to use and understand interface.


The main and probably the only purpose of using Smart contract builder is to eliminate the need to understand basics of coding. Thus, it allows users to create smart contracts from templates or even create the templates themselves. This can be very useful for companies that need to use smart contracts for different purposes on a daily basis.

Elimination of expenses[edit]

Using such services can substantially decrease the expenses that companies face when they implement block chain technology or smart contracts in their business. Thus, with modern platforms, that let everyone create their own smart contracts, the expenses on programmers and coders can often disappear or decrease substantially.


The main problem is that implementation of internet of things (IoT) can take too much time and for smart contracts and their usage IoT is one of the main things that will let them work in more and more spheres.

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