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SocialChains is the first decentralized platform of its kind, which is a social network and is managed by users only. The basis of this solution is the blockchain technology, which protects all users' data. The main problem of modern social networks is the problem of security.


It is the world's first decentralized ecosystem that is based on user trust. This platform solves the most important problems that exist in some social networks. The platform awards each participant for their participation, they will receive tokens and points. It all depends on the level of activity of the user. After a person receives all the rewards, he can at any time exchange them for cryptocurrency or for ordinary fiat money. The site has a special check that allows all users to actively participate in forums, communicate and also offer and sell their products and services. This is one of the most effective solutions of its kind. Here, any user can not only communicate with their friends and family, but also to carry out some operations and even make profitable deals. Everything is securely protected, thanks to the use of blockchain technology and also smart contracts.


The platform rovides the best and safest opportunities for normal communication and business policy. The developers are very concerned about the privacy of all data and about each user personally. With the help of the platform, all social wealth is distributed among each member. The most active users, necessarily receive a good reward for their activities. All users also have good access to Contact Relations. They can use the application to track the submission of points. They can access this application through a web service or by using a mobile phone.


All social networks do not have a good enough level of verification of their users. This was the reason that the number of false information and manipulation with it increased very quickly. People no longer trust existing systems and technologies. Most of the profit such social networks receive from the information of their users, who do not receive any reward for it.


Social Chains is a platform that provides the best of its kind verification for all users. Special identification of the person, which eliminates the existence of all fraudulent schemes. It is an environment where every user knows that he is working or just communicating with a real person. For their participation in the life of the social network, each client receives a small reward. The community of the platform has at its disposal about 60% of the total amount of issued tokens, which are used to ensure that all people can communicate normally on the platform. All profits from the sale of tokens are invested in further development of the platform and expansion of its functionality and capabilities.


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