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SpherisThe Spheris project is a decentralized application platform using open source code. The project founders aim is to provide application developers with an easy-to-use service with no fees involved. .

Project website

ICO start date: 2017-09-19


Spheris is free. No registration fees, no transaction fees. Our system is fully decentralized and built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, a highly scalable disruptive blockchain technology which is being supported by thousand of miners all over the world. No single point of failure, no central authority. Spheris supports all major Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, Android, Web based applications and services.A reserve fund which will support developers with app migrations and rapidly boost Spheris distribution and market penetration efforts.Spheris DAM is decentralized, free, multi-platform and open source. Spheris is a global and single software distribution solution in an age of distributed data and newly acquired personal freedom.

More information in the project whitepaper: https://spheris.io/spheris_whitepaper.pdf

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Project website