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SportVest is a venture fund and a platform for investment founded in 2016. SportVest is designed to become a specialized tool for investing in early technology companies, sports companies and digital assets. The fund uses protected financial assets in the form of SVE tokens based on the proven ERC-20 standard. The price of SVE token has a fixed value and is equal to 1.10 USD.

Development and Security[edit]

In 2017, the company conducted an analysis of cryptocurrencies and ICO and worked out technical, legal and legal aspects. Rules were developed for bonuses and bounty. A year later, the Fund began to use the know your customer (KYC) procedure to identify customers and fight fraud. Also, an application was filed with the securities commission (SEC). At the moment, the company is fully registered and conducts analysis of companies and investments. To work with a venture Fund for US residents, users need to be an accredited investor. It can be a company or a private person with an income of more than 200 thousand USD for each year in the last two years or having net capital of at least $1 million. Investors from other countries need to meet the requirements of KYC and AML — Anti Money Laundering.

SVE token sale[edit]

Minimum purchase amounts are provided for the purchase of tokens. To buy it cryptocurrency or fiat money can be used.

  • Stage 1: Pre-registration.

At this stage, the minimum amount is equivalent to us $30,000 for all buyers.

  • Stage 2: Pre-sale.

The minimum amount is $25,000 for accredited investors, and $10,000 for other investors.

  • The Phase 3: Sale Of Tokens.

For accredited investors, the minimum purchase amount is $20,000, and $1,000 for other buyers. Upon purchase, SVE tokens will be received 24 hours after payment.

Risks and Potential[edit]

A characteristic feature of venture capital funds is a high degree of risk. Most investments in start-up projects do not bring the expected profit, but the remaining promising projects more than cover all costs. The use of smart contracts and Blockchain guarantees the immutability of transactions, as well as gives the owners of SVE tokens to sell them directly to SportVest. The tokens bought in this way will be destroyed, which will lead to a defecite and increase the stability of SVE. Tokens will be supported by the company's financial reserves, which gives their holders the opportunity to return a guaranteed part of the amount even with a very strong fall in the sector. The Fund plans to monitor the cost of tokens and buy them in case the internal price of SVE is lower than in the external market. Over time, winning investments will increase the investment potential of the venture Fund. Under favorable conditions, the company expects the course will grow geometrically within 5-7 years. If the Fund is required to maintain the internal price, it will be used from the beginning of cash reserves. When reserves are exhausted, unallocated investments will be used, intended for companies starting from the worst. Support will be provided until the full exhaustion of funds intended for the best companies. In general, this will provide investment security for Sve token holders. SportVest provides an opportunity to use its resources in the analysis of investment objects. The company's team uses people with a strong understanding of market trends.

How it works[edit]

The Fund's strategy will work using a combination of 80/20, initially using up to 4-8 new investments per year for core funding and supplemented by smaller investments for diversification. The SportVest Fund plans to invest 80% of the funds in companies before the ICO that have a product or income, and the remaining 20% - to invest in companies that are in the early stages of development. The decision is taken in each case. The Fund's valuation will be available to all SVE token holders as a benchmark. SportVEST guarantees a minimum price for SVE tokens, which are constantly rising as the Fund makes successful investments, which are then returned to the investment pool and used to invest in new companies. The life of the SportVEST Venture Fund will continue as long as it has at least one Portfolio company and SVE tokens.


The venture Fund cooperates with several modern companies in various technological fields. Among the partners of SportVest are such companies as:

  • IdentityMindGlobal
  • CloudFlare
  • Pradigm Talks
  • Bridgit
  • ICO Crowd

In general, this is a fairly serious tool for investors, which can not only help to understand the prospects of the market of companies with a sports bias, but also to competently use the incoming funds for the implementation of profitable investments, with guaranteed support.

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