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Stéphanie Verbeke, marketing specialist and cofounder of ElectriCChain

Stéphanie Verbeke is a marketing specialist and cofounder of ElectriCChain.

Verbeke holds a masters degree in translation from ISTI Language School in Brussels and a masters in economics from ICHEC Brussels Management School. She began her career with law firm Bird & Bird, moving to project manager and relationship manager roles with digital media companies in Brussels and Barcelona.


As SolarCoin's blockchain backbone, ElectriCChain records all ledger transactions to the blockchain. The currency functions both as a digital asset and as a solar power production reward. To this end, the project aims to build the foundation for this transition by awarding SolarCoins to solar energy producers—creating the first global, energy-referenced currency to incentivize a planet powered largely by solar energy.

To date, the project has granted more than 12 TWh of solar power across 71 countries—the equivalent energy consumed by 12 million US households in a month—well over enough to power the city of Amsterdam and its residents for a full year.

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