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Staps Platform is an application where users can convert steps into cryptocurrency.

How it works

The user installs the application and fills in the registration form. After that, he automatically becomes a Staps miner, receiving tokens for the number of steps. There are two possible ways to spend earned tokens:

  • Exchange them for discounts and bonuses of network partners;
  • Sell tokens on an exchange or using the Waves wallet.


  • Benefits of physical activity
  • Connecting business to the world of cryptocurrency transactions.
  • The provision of the high demand for tokens STB.

Affiliate program

In order to become a partner of the project, the company needs to have 1000 tokens on its account. There are 2 ways to spend tokens for partners:

  • Participation in auctions and promotion of advertising on the platform;
  • Sell tokens on a stock exchange or using Waves wallet.

Referral program

The campaign to promote the ICO Staps Platform is based on the referral program. Users can earn up to 10% of the amount that referrals invest in the ICO Staps Platform, the referral link is available in the account on the site.

Staps tokens

STB tokens are the main component of the Staps system. The total issue of tokens is limited to 1 billion tokens created on the Waves platform.

Token distribution

  • 90% - production;
  • 6% – pre-ICO and ICO;
  • 1.5% - team;
  • 1% – bonus fund for miners;
  • 1% – reserve fund;
  • 0.25% - Bounty program ;
  • 0.25% - partners and consultants.


Selling tokens will begin on 18 February, 2018 and will last until March 18, 2018. The price of tokens during a pre–ICO will be $0.2 for 1 STB. The main stage of the ICO will begin on March 18 and will last until the entire planned amount of 60 million STB is sold. The cost of tokens during the main stage will be $0.3 for 1 STB. Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, WAVES + All supported currencies of the Waves Wallet.

Allocation of funds

  • 30% - project development ;
  • 30% – operating activities;
  • 30% – marketing;
  • 10% bounty.


The team plans to make STAPS (STB) the largest project to reach the audience. In case of successful implementation of these intentions, investors who invested in the project at the start, will be able to get the maximum profit from investments due to the growth of the number of participants, and, consequently, the growth of demand for STB tokens. Demand for tokens will be provided by the demand for the platform from partners. STB tokens are required for registration of new partners and for holding auctions between partners of the network.

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