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Stepium is a platform built on affiliate marketing. The project was launched in the summer of 2017 and began to rapidly gain popularity.


P2P system is used for financial transactions between partners, which allows users to get 100% profit. Administration of money is not a concern. Thanks to a unique marketing plan, users can make huge profits, while combining binary, linear and deep marketing. Every beginner can make a quick start without knowing all the technical details. Users do not need to create a landing or website, do not need to learn the mailing list and for a long time to recapture the money invested. After entering the project, only the platform is paid, which gives the opportunity to make a profit from 6 levels, binary and linear marketing. Users get training absolutely free, and with all the necessary tools to promote their progress. The minimum threshold is 0.06 Ethereum. Payment is made for each level only once, and the profit is constant.

Types of marketing[edit]

There are three types of marketing on the site that give users the opportunity to earn: Linear, Binary and Deep.

Linear. It consists of six levels, after the transition to the referral link a guest becomes a partner. To get the first contract, he needs to make a payment, the contract costs 0.01 ETH. There is no limit on the number of partners, which means that users can get unlimited income. From each invited the profit is 0.01 ETH. To go to the next level, users need to buy Binary #1, which costs 0.05 ETH.

Binary. It has six levels, but gives users the opportunity to earn a lot more. Earnings depend on the structure of the partners. Income depends on the number of active partners in the branch. Earnings begins after filling the bottom line. At the first party in Binary, users receive 0.05 ETH income.

Deep. Functions of Linear and Binary with reinvestment. When filling in the lower level Binary, participants pay users 0.05 ETH. The bottom line consists of 8 partners, when 8 appears, he pays the leader. After that, new partners come through the referral link, and a 4 line consisting of 16 participants is formed.

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