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Steven Campbell, lead technologist and project manager, ElectriCChain

Steven Campbell is a renewable energy advocate, computer programming and blockchain consultant who serves as lead technologist and project manager for ElectriCChain, the distributed blockchain backbone of solar energy reward​ cryptocurrency SolarCoin. He has more than two decades of experience in supply chain, procurement and international businesses, specializing in strategy development and project delivery.


SolarCoin, the renewable energy currency for global climate change

Campbell is a staunch supporter and advocate of SolarCoin and contributor to the ElectriCChain projects. He created the first Raspberry Pi nodes and datalogger software for the community.

ElectriCChain was launched with the mission of accelerating our transition to a post-scarcity economy​ by encouraging solar energy​ to initiate the energy singularity​—the transition from fossil fuels to a sustainable, renewable energy economy. The initiative was cofounded by Starlab​ alumni Nick Gogerty ​and Christopher Altman with solar advocates Luke Johnson​ and François Sonnet, with support from the SolarCoin Foundation.

As SolarCoin's blockchain backbone, ElectriCChain records all ledger transactions to the blockchain. The currency functions both as a digital asset and as a solar power production reward. To this end, the project aims to build the foundation for this transition by awarding SolarCoins to solar energy producers—creating the first global, energy-referenced currency to incentivize a planet powered largely by solar energy.

To date, the project has granted more than 12 TWh of solar power across 71 countries—the equivalent energy consumed by 12 million US households in a month—well over enough to power the city of Amsterdam and its residents for a full year.[3]

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