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SuperPay is a payment platform based on blockchain.


The main feature of SuperPay is mobile integration. This payment system works massively with mobile phones, as in our age of technology, people have become more mobile. It is this social factor that has spurred the administration to create a payment system mainly on the mobile app. SuperPay is a universal platform for mobile payments. Ordinary users can exchange digital currency and receive payments on a bank card. Moreover, the platform uses Blockchain technology, which allows to provide all users with security at the highest level. The development team started in the USA. The platform has a good development potential that allows users to quickly spread the mobile payments application on the blockchain and gather as many users as possible around the world.

Main functions[edit]

  • The main functions of the new payment system are:
  • more intensive use of tips. Users can transfer small amounts to any wallet or credit card;
  • payment via QR codes. Users just need to point the camera at the QR-code, which will allow them to pay for services quickly (bank payments, utilities, training, etc.);
  • with the help of QR code, users can no longer enter the card number, CCV security code. They just need to scan the code and pay for the order;
  • less equipment. Even if the buyer or consumer does not have a certain equipment – it's not a problem. SuperPay system still works;
  • high-speed transactions. Transactions and payments are instant. Only 0.1 seconds – and the money is sent to the seller;
  • ability to pay for services with SuperPay tokens.

At the moment it is possible to download the payment system SuperPay on Android. The application is available in demo mode. Soon the app will appear on IOS.

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