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SwapZilla coin

SwapZilla (SWZL) is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator platform, which has its own cryptocurrency - SWZL.

It gives its users an access to over 50 top cryptocurrency exchanges, through a single KYC procedure. The platform also features arbitrage trading, in-house margin trading, advanced smart-orders, and AI newsfeed and analytics.


The project started in August 2018 by two Anglo-Russian crypto traders - Vladimir Kardapoltsev and Roman Prokopev. The beta version of the product was released in January 2019. SwapZilla has started its fundraising campaign via an IEO on LAToken in June 2019. It is aiming to raise in excess of 27 million dollars.

Technical characteristics[edit]

  • Collection of the price data on different exchanges, allows SwapZilla users to make transactions at the most favorable rate, minimizing the risks of exchange manipulation.
  • SwapZilla trading core provides the user with a wide range of functions for a quick and convenient execution of transactions.
  • The arbitrage, mirror and margin trading, allows the user to receive passive income on the platform.
  • Through the SwapZilla information and analytical core, the clients get convenient access to news, analytics and recommendations specially selected for them.
  • The system of verification, storage and transmission of data, enables the SwapZilla users to get the most secure and efficient crypto-exchange experience.

SwapZilla Token (SWZL)[edit]

The intrinsic value of the token is guaranteed by the owner’s perpetual right to receive the income from the platform’s commissions, which will be guaranteed by a smart contract. SwapZilla's commissions will be distributed 70/30 between the company and SWZL tokenholders: 30% of the income will be transferred (in real time) to a special public wallet and then distributed to proportionally to tokenholders.


The SwapZilla trading platform will be able to process more than 2 million orders per second. It will be integrated into a scalable environment with middleware for processing big data to cope with any load peaks. Most of the computing will be performed in cloud services, which will allow the platform to respond flexibly to changes in computing needs. As a result, they intend to ensure an average level of delay at the rate of the best modern stock exchanges (milliseconds to execute the order).

For the development of the main components of the platform, SwapZilla uses Django / Python, this gives them high speed and quality of development. It also suits best for the requirements of working with the high traffic. The client side of the platform will be developed using Vue.js. They provide high performance when working with databases using PostgreSQL and Redis, as well as Amazon cloud solutions.

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