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Swinca is a platform offering the opportunity to instantly invest in real estate. Allowing anyone to become a multi-properties owner. By tokenizing real estate assets located worldwide, Swinca allows anyone to create and manage their own portfolios by investing in the properties desired. Investors receive their monthly income rent, and capital gain instantly.

Properties are tokenized on blockchain. Swinca platform is easy to use, instant and require no minimum of investment. Once investors allocate their investments to specific properties, they automatically receive their respective income rent and capital gain without the hurdle of managing anything. On the profit generated from the properties, 90% goes back to the investors and a fee of 10% is charged to sustain Swinca's activities. Swinca will get alternative revenue streams but at the moment those 10% represent swinca's main revenu. That’s why it is in Swinca's interest to carefully search, analyse and negotiate investment deals with a focus on qualitative properties, generating high yields. Investors participating at the ICO will benefit from the Priority Investor Pass with a minimum of 1 ETH invested. The pass give access to premium features of which is included a free Swinca Bank account and bank card to withdraw, pay, exchange, FIAT and/or cryptocurrencies.


Swinca team and partners search, analyse and negotiate investment deals all around the globe. Offering a large and various investment type as for example luxurious villas, apartments, offices in location such as Dubaï, Bali, Croatia, Portugal, etc...

Investors chose the properties they want to invest in. They can buy directly with FIAT currencies but have a better price using the Swinca Cryptos (SWI Coin or NCA Token).

Every months investors receive their payments from the rental income on the properties managed by Swinca. Whenever an investor wants to sell any property shares, their value are recalculate to the current value of the property. He receive the payment from the capital gain when he hold his shares over a certain period of time (approximately one year).

Swinca select the properties with high capital gain potential but the profitability is highly tied to real estate market, therefore it is possible to encounter losses and decrease in value for some investments. In that case, if Investors sell their properties shares at a time they are undervalued or suffered from a market correction investors might lose consequently.

Investors are free to decide how to receive their monthly rental income. Swinca offer two tokens the SWI coins with volatile price representing Swinca as company and the NCA tokens with fixed price to 1$ representing the properties. We encourage and incentivise them to opt for receiving their monthly rental payment in both tokens. Moreover receiving a better profit, they participate to swinca's growth and get premium advantages by deciding getting paid in SWI + NCA.

Once they receive their profit, they are free to reinvest, withdraw, exchange for Fiat ($ € £) or other crypto, but they also have the possibility to spend their cryptos thanks to SWINCA BANK offering a bank card they can shop online and offline directly with their cryptos.


Information Data
Ticker Symbol: SWI
Web site: https://swi.swinca.io
Total coins supply: 400.000.000
Coin sale price: $0.1 to $0.6

Swinca investments strategy[edit]

Swinca search the best investment opportunities worldwide, analyse Investments attractiveness and, select the best properties. Once the selection is done, swinca negotiate the deal and acquire the properties. Then Swinca take care of the legal aspects, contracts, insurances, and rental managements with the support of local third parties partners. The properties are at that moment added to the platform then tokenized by the investors.

Type of properties: Swinca’s goal is to offer a wide range of investment, focusing on properties such as main residences, secondaries residencies, rental investment professional and personal. Services and leisure residencies as well as peer to peer rental. Properties are in all stage of development, they can be in renovation, new, in construction, to buy with developers, rentals, sublet, prestigious places, leisure, professional offices and coworking spaces, services residencies, datacenters. Selection process : We assess property opportunity with predefined due diligence checklists for each property investment type that they work towards.

Swinca bank[edit]

Swinca bank allows swinca's investors to directly pay and exchange their cryptos. Offering all the services of a neo-bank, swinca bank allow the possibility to manage fiat and crypto-currencies under the same account. Investing in Blockchain and crypto-related projects had become mainstream, thus crypto Investors have been able to generate very high returns. However still a lot of friction and pain points remains unsolved by using classic banking within the crypto investment cycle. Classic banks are not offering what crypto-investors are looking for, thence an increasing number of people are looking for alternative banking solutions by adopting new banking services such as Revolut. In this context, Swinca created a premium crypto bank with a seamless and transparent experience that is easy to use, more participatory, designed by crypto-investors for crypto investors.

Structure and legal configuration[edit]

Swinca bank has a bank licence in Estonia and is accompanied by banking experts taking care of controls and regulations (AML, KYC, e-payment). In order to offer a wide range of financial services (including asset management, investments, and payment processing services) a multi-jurisdictional group of entities is set up.

The Estonia Company represent a legal presence in one of the most respected jurisdiction in the world, plus the legal capacity to offer financial services to clients worldwide.

The company Swinca is divided in two parts, one the structure located in switzerland, Zug (Crypto Valley) and another structure based in Mauritius. Firstly the structure (Swiss Invest Capital SA) based in Zug, have intermediary and advisory role. The company will also take care of the activities related to the property management and the development of the platform swinca.co Secondly the structure Swinca located in Mauritius is an investment fund. The advantages are many. Beyond benefiting from a very attractive tax system (max 15%) the investment fund in mauritius has a feature called PCC (Protected Cell Company) which is a legal entity allowing to divide its investments into specific and independent cells as in the following graph.

Thanks to this second structure, Swinca allow to offer to all investors the opportunity to invest and exchange any of the property shares of their choice legally on the platform swinca.co. The fund also take in charge the KYC and AML procedures.


On Swinca project worked following specialists:

Name Position Bio Linkedin
Jerome Lopez CEO & Founder Master 2 Economic and International Finance. He is in charge for the development and specialy the deployment of the project throughout the world, and he ensures the commercial activity on a daily basis. With his businee experience, Jérôme will lead SWINCA towards efficient and controlled growth, by duplicate the best practices tested in previous companies. Indeed, Jérôme is a business Angel active in the ecosystem of startups through successful investments over the last 5 years. https://www.linkedin.com/in/j%C3%A9r%C3%B4me-lopez-73391691/
Olivier de Bellefon Real-Estate Director Real Estate Professional Licence. His career in a prestigious real estate agency has allowed him to cross all levels of the real estate business from real estate agent to national director of major real estate. He then specialized in wealth management with high profitability, his passion for crypto-currencies for several years naturally leading to work on projects combining its qualities. His professionalism in property expertise, profitability and feasibility studies have become his favorite areas to bring projects to term with the highest levels of performance. https://www.linkedin.com/in/olivier-meric-de-bellefon-037000164/
Ahmed Matar CFO & Debit Card Serial entrepreneur, Serial Investor. Co-Founder of PCSMastercard.com Awarded at Prepaid365 Best International Debit Card. -
Eric Betan CMO & coFounder Master 2 Marketing and Communication. His mission is based on the implementation of the communication strategy and marketing campaign. He ensures the respect of the identity and the image of the company according to the objectives of the general direction. He has worked for major French national brands and has also participated in the development of international startups. https://www.linkedin.com/in/%C3%A9ric-betan-64670070/
Alain Phoumalavong COO & coFounder Crypto Trader & Crypto Investor created his 1st IT company in 2001. He is a lucky guy who bought many BTC when price was very low. With his experience in IT, Coding, Hardware, Software, Mobile and VOIP, he is in charge for the day to day operation and organization. https://www.linkedin.com/in/alain-phoumalavong-9a411b13b/
Francois Gineste Blockchain Expert After 4 years as R&D engineer for renowned compagny like MONOECI.IO. He have acquired an extensive knowledge in developing and managing projects, in the blockchain technologies and embedded technologies. Early adopter and crypto belevier, He is now living his passion in the blockchain ecosystem through multiple projects: Automated trading bot for advanced trading needs (high-frequency, complex algorithms); Development of blockchain and smart contract; Member of DL4T observatory for the development of blockchain – among others technologies – laws. https://www.linkedin.com/in/francoisgineste/
Margaux Sivera Real-Estate Coordinator Thanks for her long expérience in Classical Real Estate, now she is more spécialised in Marketplace Real Estate like AirBNB, Booking.com... -
Justine Audubert Social Media &Marketing MASTER IDRAC LYON. Thanks to her marketing experience, she values companies thanks to a unique brand strategy. She invents for all the brand image on the web by creating exclusive and rewarding content: photos, videos, texts. https://www.linkedin.com/in/justine-audubert-4394875a/
Mallaury Notin Marketing & Community Master Marketing Digital. Thanks to here 43K on Instagram she already have a very good knowledge of social networks. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mallaury-notin-b25025141/
Wiame Ettoubaji Design & Graphics LICENCE DESIGN LYON & SCHOOL ART OF CASABLANCA. She has experienced 3D Image, Eco-design and Interior Architecture. With her good art & graphics vision, she is in charge of the design. https://www.linkedin.com/in/wiame-ettoubaji-370b11137/
Pascal Marie Early Developer IT Master’s Degree in 2002. He have been a developer, analyst, software designer and project manager for big companies in various sectors during 15 years. https://www.linkedin.com/in/pascal-marie-o2b/
Sebastien Icard Blockchain Advisor EARLY ADOPTER AND CRYPTO BELEVIER. Cryptocurrency coder and smart contract developer. Early Miner first KNC Miner user, buterflylabs… and now bitmain. Business advisor on Monaco Principality and in Europe. Co-Founder of “Monoeci Monaco” first cryptocurrency on Monaco Principality. Found of “Blockchain Monaco” promotion association for the blockchain on Monaco Principality. Co-organizer of the first fair of the blockchain in Monaco : monaco-international-blockchain.io. Columnist for Radio Monaco with first blockchain every Thursday live! https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastien-icard/
Sebastien Barthelemy Real-Estate Advisor CEO and co-Founder of Groupe-Atrium.fr. Real estate development and commercial real estate; Sale of new real estate programs; Management / Transaction; Transaction and prestige. He create quality housing, renovate buildings but also ensure the implementation of projects or rehabilitation of spaces are his daily lot. Mutualizing its knowledge within a national network and with 30 years of experience in real estate, he continu to develop its activities in its many areas of expertise. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sebastien-barthelemy-a35855129/
Arthur Benhamou Event Advisor Serial Entrepreneur, Director of Partouche Casino Group -

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