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SwissRealCoin logo
SwissRealCoin ICO Review
SwissRealCoin ICO
Ticker: SRC
ICO start: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
ICO end: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Price: 1 SRC = 1 CHF
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 150,000,000 SRC
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 160,500,000 SRC
Softcap: 30,000,000 CHF
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 15%
Accepting: ETH

A stable crypto token with an inner value that reduces volatility and allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio. SRC enables easy access to the Swiss real estate market, provides voting rights, and is far more efficient and transparent than direct real estate investments or classic real estate funds. Swiss real estate has been one of the safest and most stable investments over the years. Additionally, by generating blockchain-based Intellectual Property (e.g. our Management & Investment Assistant MIA), the real estate portfolio is transparently displayed to token holders at all times.


Game changing​: The real estate market is one of the globally largest, but to our experience still very intransparent and inefficient industries. SwissRealCoin (SRC) commits to bringing real estate assets onto the Blockchain to revolutionize the real estate asset management and old-world transaction system by introducing transparency, data integrity and cost efficiency. They believe that the SRC is the most important use-case for real-estate on the Blockchain.
Solid Environment​: The SRC shall be grounded on the solid economic and political environment in Switzerland. Swiss real estate has proven to be one of the globally most crisis resistant values. The SRC is directly linked to Swiss real estate assets, professionally set up by real estate and PropTech experts, and is compliant with the relevant regulatory requirements.
Growth Potential and Downside Protection​: They believe that the the market price and the inner value of a SRC (which is based on the SRC real estate portfolio) should be closely linked to avoid volatility. If the market price of the SRC exceeds the inner value of the SRC by two times, the SRC smart contract therefore will issue additional SRCs at market price to increase the inner value (see below for details). With this mechanism, the SRC shall allow for high growth potential while limiting volatility and protecting downside. In addition, the reinvestment of the majority of the net rental income shall also continuously increase the inner value of the SRC


Q2 17: Concept.
Q3 17: Team.
Q4 17: Business plan, Legal.
19 Jan 2018: Public Announcement & Registration Phase.
1 March 2018: CHRC Reservation Phase.
March 2018: Start Roadshow.
23 May 2018: Start ICO.
June 2018: Start IP Development & Sourcing & Acquisition RE.
Oct 2018: Dashboard Live.
2019: German Commercial Real Estate.
2020: European Real Estate.
2021 : UK, Japan, Russia, South Korea.
2022: Middle East Real Estate.
2023: Brasil, China, Venezuela.
2024: Global Real Estate (+ US, CAN).
2030: MOON.
2050: MARS.[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Brigitte Luginbühl CEO & Head Real Estate Brigitte Luginbühl photo 3.6
Yauhen Yakimovich CTO & Head Blockchain and PropTech Yauhen Yakimovich photo 3.6
Sarah Jordi CMO & Head PR, Communication & Marketing 3.6
Andrea Stöhr CLO & Head Legal Andrea Stöhr photo 3.6
Yannick Gutierrez Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager 3.6
David Haab Analyst David Haab photo 3.6
Nadia Diemers Sales & Operating Manager Nadia Diemers photo 3.6
Marc Hautle Sales Coordinator Marc Hautle photo 3.6
Tobias Koch Investor Relations Manager Tobias Koch photo 3.6
Isabel Heitmeyer Event Manager Isabel Heitmeyer photo 3.6
Kim Vogel Marketing Coordinator Kim Vogel photo 3.6
Thorsten Hens Member of the Board Crypto Real Estate AG Thorsten Hens photo 5.6
Christoph Caviezel Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG Christoph Caviezel photo 7.2
Tobias Reichmuth Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG Tobias Reichmuth photo 3.6
Patrick Adenauer Member of the Real Estate Expert Committee Patrick Adenauer photo 3.6
Christoph Caviezel Member of the Board, Crypto Real Estate Ltd Christoph Caviezel photo 7.2
Alexander Reichhuber Member of the Board of Crypto Real Estate AG Alexander Reichhuber photo 3.6
Yury Melnichek Technology & Software Development Advisor Advisor Yury Melnichek photo 3.6
Marc P. Bernegger Investor & Advisor Advisor Marc P. Bernegger photo 3.6
Olga Vorobyeva ICO Marketing Advisor Advisor Olga Vorobyeva photo 6.6

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