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Swisshtech(R) offers Eco-friendly, independent power solutions. Beta typed product is Arc-regen, a magnetically sourced and perpetuated portable electric generator intended for individual power needs.


Swisshtech is a pre-revenue startup based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, with an objective to introduce CDT to the global markets. This technology is a more expedient way of generating electrical energy, more so than solar and other clean energy methods. Bet you thought it couldn't be done. We now have an independent means of creating and meeting residential power demands. Swisshtech has been developing a device called Arc-regen, through a method its called Cyclic Derivation Technology, that sustains revolutions in a magnetically driven, FUEL-LESS portable generator for Power whenever, Where ever!!

Because this product has no infrastructural or continuity overheads, it presents a better cost ratio to consumers. Specifically, it is magnetically sourced and perpetuated requiring zero fuel to sustain continued power generation, while serving individual power needs. We have recently implemented scaling this method to supply levels suited for smart devices, cell phones and some appliances. Magnetic electrical generation is no new innovation as the world already knows how to create electricity, the supposed difficulty is getting access to a stable source. Sourcing electricity is the basis of the current monopoly on power access. Digging deeper will delineate that continuity is the real catalyst in this mechanism.

Continuity does not infer perpetuity, a colloquial misconception in definition, but rather, an extension of function to a specified degree. Employing this definition we have arrived at our Cyclic Derivation function enabling extended continuity through repetitive cycles.

For example: We pay for our vehicular transportation in monthly payments or risk repossession, if repossession is function failure, then cyclic (monthly) payments support our continued transport capabilities or in this case power access.

In any event this cycle continues dependent on each supporting cycle internally and fails only if the balance is exhaustively interrupted. Taking my word for it is not required; we have already built Arc-regen, a Minimum viable product on this premise and investors are lining up for our offering on EquityNet of course we are yet a tiny start-up and need every help possible if you should be so considerate.

Swisshtech has created our RegenCoin crypto currency tokens with a design to find and sustain the support of Patrons who will consider our urgent assistance even in our infancy. What Swisshtech finds far more preferable with a far more selfless design is the implementation of its Initial Coin Offering or ICO, where Swisshtech offers its RegenCoin crypyocurrency as per coin unit coupons for cumulative reduction to the cost of each Arc-regen fuel-less generator acquired through redemption of these exclusive tokens. These RegenCoins are designed to overly compensate our patrons for the confidence and trust of all who chose to financially Support Swisshtech’s product development during these times of greatest need. We are extending some unique market leading benefits on site for Patron appreciation at our coinsale site.

You are invited to join Swisshtech's telegram group to help us forward together. We are asking for your support of our ICO or donations on site, towards the development of our objectives, if this is of interest to you. Thank you in advance.


O. Orrett Gooden,

Founder-Swisshtech Corp.

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