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Switcheo Network is a Singapore non-custodial digital asset market, integrated with multiple blockchains and recognised for its platform security, ease of use and fast trade executions.

Its mission is to redefine transparency in the conventional financial system today, starting by giving back to the people their financial freedom which centralized entities now hold.

Switcheo Network currently supports assets from the NEO, Ethereum and EOS blockchain.

Technical Characteristics of the Token and Platform[edit]

Given that all exchange interactions are done through a smart contract, users may buy and/or sell tokens directly from their wallets, eliminating the need for any additional steps. When not actively trading, users’ funds are always secured by the same mechanism - their own wallet contract, or Switcheo’s smart contract.

Taking advantage of the fact that this this is a decentralized exchange, they plan on allowing for partial filling ​of offers, auto-retrying​ of failed orders, and order batching​ within a single transaction.

Main Components[edit]

Switcheo's main operations are mainly executed through a smart contract residing on NEO's decentralized blockchain. With this in consideration, there are 4 core components that make up the Switcheo DEX:

  • A front facing user interface that interacts with the smart contract
  • Custom blockchain nodes to log smart contract events and interactions
  • Off-chain order history database and API
  • Broker smart contract


Features on the user interface also allow for (which is built on React.js):

  • Market buy/sell
  • Limit buy/sell
  • Login through JSON Wallet, WIF, Private Key, Ledger
  • Client-side matching and filling multiple offers within a single offer
  • Automatic retry of failed fills
  • Personal transaction history
  • Trading charts (via tradingview)

About the Token[edit]

Switcheo team will launch the token contract for Switcheo (SWTH) Tokens no earlier than the 16 March 2018 on the NEO Blockchain as a NEP-5 Token. 1,000,000,000 SWH Tokens may be minted in total, and no additional tokens will be minted in future.

The allocations for SWH are as per follows:

  • 20% ​(200,000,000 SWH Tokens) will be allocated to the Public Sale
  • 48.3% ​(483,000,000 SWH Tokens) ​have been allocated to Strategic Partners
  • 25% ​(250,000,000 SWH Tokens) will be reserved for the Switcheo Team to further incentivize development of the Switcheo DEX, and the tokens will be vest monthly on a 2 year schedule with a 3 month cliff
  • 6.7% ​(67,000,000 SWH Tokens) will be reserved for Marketing Campaigns & Official Partnerships.

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