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TELE2-teleport is an intercontinental backbone communication system and a virtual cellular operator based on TELE2 with calculations in tokens.

Project website

ICO start date: 2017-09-27


TELE2-teleport build high-speed optic channel 12700 km through Russia which will connect Europe and China. It will create cheap and unlimited Internet speed for Europe, Russia and China.Telecom providers can exchange TELE token on access to cheap high speed channel. Private persons can exchange TELE token on prepaid SIM-card with high-speed unlimited Internet traffic.Telecom retailers can exchange plenty tokens on plenty SIM cards for further resale.Enterprises can exchange TELE tokens on access to cheap high-speed unlimited Internet channel.Investors who need just money profit can resell token to us with 250% profit.

More information in the project whitepaper:

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Project website