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Tkeycoin DAO TCD Logo

TKEYCOIN is a global payment system, based on the brand new blockchain core. The network is fully decentralized, and no government or organization has it under control. Thanks to the new protocol and open source code, Tkeycoin solutions can be used by millions of developers in various fields such as banking sphere for example.

Tkeycoin cryptocurrency is capable of handling more than 50,000 operations per second. The network is easily scalable, and it can process up to 500,000 transactions depending on the network loading. With Tkeycoin (TCD) you can easily transfer your money all over the globe or make purchases in your favorite stores on the Internet. There are no any limits, blocks & sanctions as the network is absolutely decentralized. Tkeycoin application will be available for MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android in coming months. The web version of the wallet (BETA) is already available at

As Tkeycoin team emphasizes, the main aim of the project is to make people life more comfortable with crypto-based payment system available and clear for everyone. You can purchase Tkeycoin in any country using various payment methods described on the official website. The project is on the ICO period now.

TKEY DMCC started development of Tkeycoin in October 2017.


Tech startups all tend to start with the same thing - a new technology. The team behind Tkeycoin made a different choice. They started by thinking about people, and the problems that people face today.

The Tkeycoin team discovered a fundamental mismatch between our common human needs and the global economic system we all live within. That was the reason for the team to give the world a proper solution.

The project development has started in October 2017. The team has always described Tkeycoin's primary goal as creating a simple decentralized payment system with minimal commission fees all over the globe.

Autumn 2018 Tkeycoin project has entered the final development and ICO stages.


  • High throughput. The kYProtocol modular implementation will allows to get the transaction rate in the amount of N + ∞ depending on the network load.. The capacity of Visa is 21 times less - 24,000 transactions per second.
  • Modular Proof-of-Work. Innovations of mPoW eliminate the problem of selfish mining, hard disk load, increased power consumption and system scalability.
  • Additional opportunities for miners. You can either use your home PC or specialized equipment to mine. Everyone around the world can mine Tkeycoin. No matter the residence country.
  • Web applications. Full-fledged web-wallet and mobile applications for iOS and Android.
  • Exchange point. This functionality provides complete control of funds through one trusted and secure source. Users no longer need to create multiple accounts on third-party resources in order to exchange currency.
  • Full control over finances. All accounts, cards, money transfers, exchanges and other financial transactions are monitored from the wallet.
  • Web Security. A mixed encryption system based on the principles of computational complexity, with deterministic generation of signatures using elliptic curves, will ensure absolute safety and security of users' funds.
  • Optimisation. Implementing storage optimisation will significantly reduce the disk space required to store the full node on the user's PC. Efficient and effective storage can significantly improve the performance of network operations and blockchain synchronisation.
  • Update system. Competently constructed systems of updates allow to introduce various types of functionality into the platform, which covers any kinds of market and user needs.
  • Integration. Integration with the Tkeycoin platform will be as easy as with documented SDKs and plugins for all major platforms and languages. Our experts prepare API for web-wallets, applications, Internet-acquiring and the protocol itself. The company's plans include the introduction of an API based on the popular REST API standard, which is an architectural style of interaction of components of a distributed application in a network.
  • Development Centre and Science Centre. TKEY DMCC plans to launch an online educational platform for programmers. The goal is to create a world-wide community of developers and businesses that are interested in using Tkeycoin and technology related to it.
  • Open source technology. Developers can create new protocols based on the platform.
  • Banking solutions. In 2019, the Tkeycoin system will be equipped with the most modern tools for direct independent international interbank transfers that do not require the involvement of intermediaries, which allows the use of the project's technologies to create an effective alternative to the notorious SWIFT.
  • Independent channels. Tkeycoin users are provided with the opportunity to build direct secure payment channels with trusted individuals (relatives, friends, colleagues, etc.) and transfer funds through them with one click.
  • Mobile payments. For Android and iOS, special software applications will be combined with powerful tools based on Tkeycoin technologies, with which you can use secure payments, exchange cryptocurrencies for goods, services, money.
  • Marketplace for sellers. At the global marketplace Tkeycoin users can buy everything from juice to a yacht. The international marketplace will bring together thousands of vendors and manufacturers around the world. Tkeycoin network members will be able to use TCD cryptocurrency as a means of exchange and accumulation.
  • Business solutions. Organisations and individual entrepreneurs who have connected Tkeycoin Payments will be able to accept payments in cryptocurrency around the world, giving their customers new payment options.
  • kYprotocol templates. In order to create and deploy a corporate network blockchain, it will be possible to use the open source kYprotocol templates.

The concept of Tkeycoin is aimed not only at programmers, but also at the society at large. And, above all, to the part for which freedom of choice and decision-making are important factors in everyday life.

Tkeycoin - New World’s Most Advanced Payment System

Technical details[edit]

kYprotocol is a multi-block architecture of the core with a flexible system of updates, which is simultaneously maintaining complete decentralisation and quantum stability. The main feature of kYprotocol is its flexible modular implementation, due to which one can create a multitude of protocols depending on the required functionality. This flexibility makes it possible to delegate data and improve its structure, making it easy to integrate and synchronise with other systems.

The principle of separation of duties involves the allocation of roles and responsibilities, in which the object can not violate a critical organisational processes. This is especially important when it comes to unqualified actions or the actions of intruders. The modular implementation will allow to get the transaction rate in the amount of N + ∞ depending on the network load. These properties protect the network from high load due to logarithmic growth and node distribution, ensuring interchangeability of assets with a given intensity.

kYprotocol - Decentralized, Scalable, Peer-to-Peer, Quantum Stable.

mPoW is a modular Proof-of-Work, reliably protected from double-spending attacks, self-mining and various dDos-attacks. Due to the modular implementation of the kYprotocol, and significant changes in the architecture of the blockchain, which we are used to seeing today, we have achieved high results. Repeated testing mPoW showed us the following the key properties:

  • Quantum stability;
  • Scalability;
  • Complete decentralization;
  • Absence of attack 51%;
  • Lack of double expense;
  • Low power consumption.

Tkeycoin ICO[edit]

The company goes to the ICO to get money for further development and scaling of the project. TCD coins are sold for this purpose. The ICO started on May 1, 2018, and will end on December 30, 2018. For the ICO, 105 million TCD coins were issued. Of these, 100 million are sold during the coin sale, and 5 million are intended for developers and consultants.

The genesis block will be created in the amount of 105.000.000 Tkeycoin (TCD) in connection with the holding of a crowdsale. Additional investments will accelerate the development of the project and its scaling at the global level.


TKEY DMCC (formerly Holding BR) is an IT company engaged in the development of modern solutions for the economic and public spheres of activity. Since October 2017, TKEY DMCC has been designing and developing a new cryptographic decentralized platform - "Tkeycoin"​ for payment systems, banking and financial sector. The technology can be used in payment systems, financial services, economy and in all other industries, including state and municipal. Smart solutions from TKEY DMCC allows you to combine banks, payment providers, payment systems, corporations and users with software solutions based on peer-to-peer protocols and blockchain solutions implementing affordable and instant payments worldwide.

In October 2018 TKEY DMCC and Tkeycoin were included in the official Dun & Bradstreet registry. This year, the company started working in the prestigious international zone of the multi-product trade center DMCC in Dubai (UAE).


The staff of Tkeycoin developers consists of professional programmers, mathematicians, specialists in the field of Finance and trading.

Tkeycoin Exchange[edit]

The project is at the ICO stage, at this stage only the purchase is available. EXMO and TKEY DMCC signed a listing agreement for Tkeycoin in 2019. EXMO will be the first exchange to officially add Tkeycoin (TCD) to the listing. The official list of exchanges will be updated on the official website of the platform.

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