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Tachain project is a blockchain ecosystem, combining the advertising, transport, trade and entertainment industries. The goal of the Tachain project is to create a convenient and secure platform that connects transport companies and users, while giving them the opportunity to earn tokens while traveling for viewing interesting content.


The idea of creating the project was born in the second quarter of 2017, after that the formation of the team began. In the third quarter, developers began to create a mobile application. A year later, preparations began for the ICO and its launch. In the fourth quarter, it is planned to complete the ICO and launch the first software. After this, the developers intend to release mobile applications for iOS and Android. In early 2019, it is planned to launch an advertising platform, and by the end of the year to introduce targeting advertising based on artificial intelligence. In early 2020, it is planned to start broadcasting advertising in public transport.

Why Tachain?[edit]

Whether you are an individual, a business, a developer, a trader or any other institution, by choosing us, you will get access to wide range of products and services that will satisfy your needs and will exceed your expectations. By becoming a client of Tachain you will get access to the most innovative solutions in transport technology industry.


Tachain will create AdNet so that application users would be able to watch advertisements while driving in a taxi, public or any other transport and earn TCHN tokens for this. Advertisers will need TCHN tokens in order to get access to the platform and run their ads. Advertisers will pay app users TCHN tokens for watching targeted ads.


Tachain will create token market T-MARQ for TCHN tokens. There is number of players in Tachain ecosystem: Passengers, Drivers, Transportation agents, Advertisers, Tachain itself.

In order to give the players an opportunity to easily turnover TCHN tokens between them, T-MARQ will be created that will allow using mobile application to buy/sell tokens in a matter of seconds, as there will always be substantial demand for TCHN tokens by advertisers. Together with the growth of Tachain transportation provider network, AdNet is going to grow substantially and it will provide long-term growth in TCHN token value.

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To ensure maximum convenience and efficiency, the project will use the latest technologies:

  • Cloud technologies - provide unlimited, convenient and fast access to the resources provided.
  • Blockchain is the greatest possible reliability and transparency.
  • Machine learning - algorithms are capable of learning independently, without the need for programming.
  • Big Data - large data sets, the analysis of which will reveal the actual trends.
  • Smart contracts - digital simplification, confirmation and execution of transactions.
  • Biometrics - used as a form of identity verification and access control.
  • Analytical forecasts - analysis of available data for predicting future processes.
  • Targeting based on artificial intelligence is a smart system for distributing content among users based on their preferences.


Date: July 18 - October 31 Ticket: TCH Issue: 2,275,000,000 Price: $0.01 Hardcap: $10,000,000 Accepted for payment: ETH, BTC

Token distribution[edit]

  • ICO - 60%
  • Reserve fund - 20%
  • Marketing - 5%
  • Team - 5%
  • Advisers - 5%
  • Bounty - 5%


  • Demitrus Valas - CEO | Chief Marketing Officer
  • Eric Van Loon - Chief Operating Officer
  • Gundar Leith - Chief Business Development Officer
  • Thayne Swindell - Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Khaya Maloney - Chief Operating Officer

Bounty program[edit]

On the bounty program, developers have allocated $500,000 in tokens. The awards will be distributed as follows:

  • Signatures - 20%
  • Translations - 15%
  • Facebook - 15%
  • Twitter - 15%
  • Reddit - 10%
  • YouTube - 15%
  • Blogs - 10%


The idea of the Tachain project is in real demand: advertisers are interested in attracting an additional target audience, users - to get the opportunity to earn money, viewing advertising during their free time during the trip, and the companies-carriers - receive convenient and high-quality services that contribute to the development of their business. The project already has a working product - a mobile application for ordering a taxi. As for investment attractiveness, the project's tokens will grow as it develops. Their liquidity will always be provided by demand from advertisers, which means that all parties will be able to sell them in a matter of seconds.

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