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How do I creat a bitcoin address?

A bitcoin vanity address is like having a personalized license plate for your car. It is a Bitcoin address that had a string of numbers or letters that appeals to you. A vanity address is optional, but a fun way to see your message in Bitcoin. There are several free ways to create a Bitcoin wallet vanity address. My favorite is

To create your vanity address using

1. go to the website

2. enter six letters into the Type Letters field.

Bitcoin only allows for small messages, which you can easily read in bitcoin.

3. Click generate.

4. Click email.

5. Enter your email address.

BitcoinVanityGen emails you when your vanity address has been found.

6. Click the link in the email from BitcoinVanityGen.

You'll be given your new vanity address and the private key associated with the address.

!Copy your address and private key, and keep them in a safe place. Never share your private keys!

Or you can make a bitcoin wallet on

1. Go to the website

2. click wallet

3. click create your wallet

4. Enter an email address and password.

Now you can send and receive your bitcoins.

You can add your vanity address into your new wallet to keep your private key secure:

1. Go to

2. Click settings

3. then click addresses.

4. Next to Imported Addresses, click Manage Addresses.

5. Click Import Address

6. enter your private key, and click Import.

You have created an address thar allows anyone to read your vanity address when you send or recive Bitcoins.