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The Deal Coin system has a decentralized structure that conducts peer-to-peer loans. It provides fast enough and quality access to any finances, regardless of the location of the person.


The Deal Coin project is one of the best solutions that will help small business beginners to get the proper level of all necessary investments. Also, this service is not only able to give additional money for the development of projects, ideas, but also to influence the cryptocurrency market.


The project token is Deal Token. With the help of this currency, each investor can invest the necessary amount of money and lend them in the future. After this, each investor can get enough profitable interest. The token is tied to the British pound, so it has a very low level of risk. Getting money for small businesses on this service will be much easier than in other financial institutions. Each of the borrowers should only go through a small procedure and see all the details of the loan. The token sale started at the end of March 2018 and lasts until the sale of all issued tokens. In order to participate in the purchase of tokens, users must register. The rate of one token is 0.1 USD. When buying tokens, each investor can get a certain set of bonuses:

  • the level of bonuses is 20%, when buying in the first week of the pre-sale period;
  • the level of bonuses in the second week is about 15%;
  • the level of bonuses in the third week is about 10%.


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