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TideBit was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong. The trading volume per one day is $1,800,000. The main trade is BTC / HKD and ETH / HKD. There are only two available languages ​​on the stock exchange: English and Chinese, and there are no licenses for trading crypto currency. TideBit is aimed to the home market and traders in China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia. The pairs of "crypto currency - crypto currency" are not represented on the platform. The affiliate program on this exchange is not provided. Fixed commission is 0.3%.

There are several sections on TideBit:

  • Marketplace
  • Purchase of crypto currency
  • Sale of crypto currency
  • Account
  • History
  • Profile settings.

The trading floor has a graph, the rate of the crypto currency, prices, orders and the last completed transactions. Purchase - buy a crypto currency, view the course of the crypto currency online, select the amount of currency to be purchased. Sale - sell the currency, specify the price, view the rate, the latest transactions, the history of trading. Account - pass a two-stage authorization for better security of the account, see all information on the account. History: all the latest news about crypto-currencies and news of the exchange.

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