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Time New Bank - TNB

Time New Bank (TNB) is a cryptocurrency focused on providing a precision time-value based transmission network. Cryptocurrency TNB is a token used to perform trading operations on the Time New Bank platform. However, this is not the only function that the TNB token will perform, in addition, it will predict the cost of a certain category of goods.

Time New Bank is a platform for the transfer of goods or services, the cost of which will be measured in the amount of time spent on their production. But, there is another opinion about how the system will work Time New Bank. On the site, the services of specialists will be available, which will be available to other users of the platform. The higher the professionalism of the specialist, the higher the cost of his time. In order to order a specialist, you need to pay for his services with TNB tokens.

Time New Bank Review[edit]

TNB is provided by Miao'A International Timechain (M.I.T). The idea is to acknowledge the time-value of money for each individual, and that the extent of which an individual's time is valued depends on how much he/she is needed by others. Matching the time exporters and time demanders, M.I.T introduces TNB (Time New Bank) digital currency, based on a blockchain technology underlying platform, aiming to establish a time-value transmission network which comprises prominences of decentralization, internationalization, payment flexibility, pricing transparency, and strong protection of rights and proof-of-stake.

MiaoA App[edit]

The first of many applications built to use the TNB coin. The MiaoA app is a marketplace where users can buy time with celebrities and participate in unique experiences listed on their marketplace. To download the app or get more information visit their website.

Time New Bank price[edit]

The price of TNB token can be seen on the COIN360 widget:

Time New Bank ICO[edit]

Cryptocurrency Time New Bank is trading on a large number of exchanges, so buy it is no problem. TNB tokens are most in demand in China, where 60% of the trading volume takes place on the Huobi platform. But, buy TNB can and on a more known exchange Binance $0.034 per dollar a piece. The capitalization of the project is 82,57 millions of dollars, which allows Time New Bank to take 145 place in the market capitalization list.

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