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TimeTravel algorithm coins

Time Travel (TimeTravel10) is a hashing algorithm based on the proof-of-work consensus. TimeTravel10 is an ASIC-resistant and GPU/CPU mineable. There was an unconfirmed information that algorithm can be affected by FPGAs.

TimeTravel Review[edit]

TimeTravel is actually based on 40320 different combinations of hashing algorithms and that easily can be extended to 362880, 3628800 or even more. It lets miners travel through time through them or through them through time.

TimeTravel Miners[edit]

There are miners that are available for TimeTravel: The most popular coin that uses this PoW hash function is Bitcore. Bitcore slightly uses a modified version of TimeTravel algorithm called TimeTravel10. So -timetravel, -timetravel10 and -bitcore are technically the same. It is a GPU friendly mining algorithm which is also mineable using CPU. Following are the list of miners that are available for CPU as well as AMD and NVIDIA graphic cards.

TimeTravel10 CPU Miner:

AMD Miner:

SGMiner for Bitcore: https://github.com/LIMXTEC/BitCore/releases/download/

TimeTravel NVIDIA Miner:

TimeTravel coins[edit]

There is a list of cryptocurrencies that are based on TimeTravel algorithm. Currently there are only 2 coins using this and if we ever found out any new coin then we’ll list them here[1].

  • Bitcore (BTX)
  • Machinecoin (MAC)
  • Exosis (EXO)

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