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TomoChain is a digital token of the project, offering a solution to the problem of scalability of smart contracts. The use of technologies of this project in decentralized blockchain applications will help to make transactions as fast and cheap as possible. TomoChain developers want to develop a network that could be called the Internet of the future. The essence of this technology is to combine all created decentralized applications into one network (ecosystem), where all tokens could be used.


TomoChain will work on the Ethereum blockchain and use the algorithm Proof of Authority. As this network will be based on the Ethereum blockchain, it can be integrated into any decentralized application based on its technologies. DApp connection to the network TomoChain will happen through the API. All transactions in TomoChain will be confirmed within 2 seconds, and there will be no transfer fees.


TomoChain project can be promising, because it offers very useful functions that could ensure the integration of all decentralized applications created on the blockchain into one ecosystem. But, over time, when other blockchain projects will launch their platforms, TomoChain will have tougher competition. In April 2018, the TomoChain team launched the alpha version of its TomoApp, and about 15 thousand users joined it. TomoChain app can be downloaded in the AppStore and Google Play. According to the road map, the development of the project should be completed in the 4th quarter of 2018. During this time, the project team will create its own wallet, integrate TomoApp application with TomoChain network, present API for integration with third-party resources, as well as present many other developments.

Where to buy[edit]

TomoChain token was added to the listing on the stock exchange KuCoin, and it can also be bought on Hotbit and The cost of 1 Tomo is $1.3 with the total capitalization of the project $71,8 million.