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TradeCloud is an online platform where producers, consumers and traders of physical commodities can meet to exchange information, negotiate contracts and conclude business.


Founded by a group of leading Commodity and IT professionals with proven track records of success, TradeCloud is a bespoke platform, designed and developed specifically for the physical commodity markets. TradeCloud’s vision is to bring the commodity industry into the digital age, by providing it with a state-of-the-art communications platform and the realisation of The Commodities Web - a network-of networks of services, built around blockchain technology.

Up to now, no one has produced an effective platform to bring commodity buyers and sellers together. The current method of checking availability and price discovering is conducted via email, phone, and chat, often using traders or brokers as intermediaries. Designed by people who really understand the business, the platform works in a unique and subtle way. TradeCloud can build well-organised market places for differentiated, but similar products. The result is that TradeCloud brings all interested parties together to facilitate the most optimal trade. It does this in an efficient, secure and compliant way. Live since October, 2017, TradeCloud has more than 200 member companies in 36 countries. Over US$ 600,000,000 worth of trades have been initiated on the platform. The initial launch has focused on refined metals and recycled products, but TradeCloud will grow into a multi-commodity platform covering energy and agricultural products. Tradecloud aims to build the Commodities Web on the blockchain whereby connected services such as freight, finance and insurance can drive a digital change across the commodities industry.


The commodities trading market is the biggest trade market on the globe, but still lacking in digitalisation. The commodities market represents a huge opportunity for digital transformation. Massive amounts of oil, metals, agricultural products and other materials are changing hands every day. Commodities demand is rising, with much of this driven by increasing population. TradeCloud is focused on bringing commodities trading into the digital age:

Global oil demand will top 100mn barrels per day by 2019, according to analysts. This translates to $8bn of trade daily, or $2.9 trillion annually. Looking at the energy complex as a whole, in 2017 total output had a market value of $5.4 trillion.

The agricultural products market (anything from grains to meat to milk) is another high-volume business. Total production stood at 4.5bn metric tonnes in 2017, reflecting a market value of $1.9 trillion. The future of commodities production, demand and trade is very bright. All that remains is for more market participants to enter a digital environment where counterparties can be found, prices can be discovered and deals can be concluded efficiently and securely.

The non-ferrous metals market (aluminium, copper, nickel, zinc and recycled materials) could grow by as much as 6% annually in the medium term, according to industry insiders. Total production in 2017 was reported by Bloomberg at around 114mn metric tonnes, giving a market value of around $427.5bn.

Blockchain will play a crucial role in moving commodities into the digital space. It facilitates greater trust, simplifies identity and makes it easier to connect to new businesses and services. It makes doing business simpler for everyone. By reducing friction and solving seldom-addressed problems, more trading will be done at lower cost and risk to counterparties. TradeCloud is working with others to create a Commodities Web - a trusted ecosystem where business is simpler and new solutions can flourish. TradeCloud members get the benefits of blockchain technology at the same time as helping move the industry into the digital age.

Tradecloud Token[edit]

The TradeCloud Token (TC Token) is a means for investors to purchase future services on the platform and to share in its success. TC Token will have the unique feature of being an exchange of value for services provided by the platform, as well as being an opportunity to benefit from the future profitability of TradeCloud. TradeCloud will pay TC Token holders a material share in the net annual profit of the company, for a period of 10 years from issuance. This is to reward investors for retaining their TC Tokens. The payment will take the form of a distribution of mainstream Crypto Assets to the investor - such as BTC and ETH.

Token Sale[edit]

Token Information Tradecloud
Tradecloud Token TC
Total supply 50,000,000
For sale 50,000,000
Soft Cap $ 5'000'000
Hard Cap $ 45'000'000
STO Private Sale Start - End March 1st 2019 - May 31st 2019
STO Public Sale Start - End June 1st 2019 - September 30th 2019
Accepted currencies USD, EUR, CHF, BTC, ETH