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Trading robots are robotic trading systems aimed at both profit-making from speculative operations and profit-making in the course of arbitrage, inter-exchange transactions.


The creation of a robot that will be able to help traders is quite a costly and complex process that requires serious research, tests in the real market, money and time. The averageprice of such robots starts from $1000, followed by a subscription fee for the system update. The effectiveness of such programs justifies the investment, bringing its owner hundreds of percent of profit in the first month of use.

How it works[edit]

There are two options for the operation of robotic programs in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. The first are expert advisors that can give signals to enter and exit the market.
  2. The second are fully autonomous trading systems, making transactions independently, without asking owner's permission.

Thus, they can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic trading systems.


Which robot type is better, depends on the aspirations and preferences of the trader using the bot. After all, if traders strive to take part in the trading process as little as possible by giving deposit to the computer, then they should choose an automatic bot-trader. If traders just want to receive trading signals, and then make decisions on their own, they should give preference to semi-automatic.

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