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Trendercoin is a digital asset of the official network improvement Protocol (ERC-20) utility. This token is designed to implement the problems of cultural distribution in some parts of the world, especially in Africa.


The aim of the project is to open up an accessible distribution of music and other creative content among millions. The very creation of this resource was based on the problem in Africa infect monetization of music venues and their content. Trendercoin also has the capacity to address the issue of electricity, which is in a problematic range among many Africans. In this matter, it concerns the production and distribution between residents, not allowing the full dissemination of this or that information, including physical and virtual media. The project is aimed at access to all the above resources through the blocking of sector content.


The target direction of this accounting unit is to organize the purchase and sale of the cryptocurrency in most of the markets, noting the absence of an intermediary in the barter. The prices in these financial transactions will be as affordable as possible because of the lack of participation of a third party. The revenue from the token trades will depend on several criteria, divided among the total interest:

  • Platform production (35%);
  • Organization of production and sales (25%);
  • Implementation and further use (10%);
  • Control (10%);
  • Labels management (20%).

The total volume can amount to 200 000 000.


One of the co-founders is Zhaleh Forouzan, who is a consultant in the field of interior design. Another one is Seyi Olusakin. His main responsibilities include providing IT support. The project team has an advisor named Alfred McWest, who provides translation of legal questions to the United Nations.


  • Opportunities for global implementation. The Trendercoin token is distributed not only within Africa, but also in other countries that are steadily developing market relations. This opportunity will allow it to address a range of problems on a huge scale, including several countries. On top of that, successful emerging markets have the potential for profitable flows from units such as energy infrastructure integration and decentralized power.
  • Africa offers a wide range of opportunities for the realization of a large number of industries. A local market analysis strategy will help the project to succeed in its initial implementation.
  • The leading source of financial services growth is the population without a bank account. Integration of payments with Trendercoin will allow users to access such opportunities and will improve not only the consumption but also the very perception of the project by using the presented services.


  • Information, which carries the keys and the main aspects of this project, can be under development, as it has a large amount of errors in the design of the given content (from errors in style to errors in grammar). This is considered to be a disadvantage, first of all, for the correct and adequate perception of the severity of the resource. Technical documents about the team, including the company itself, are also limited.
  • There is no direction to the basic information about the project, a little was known about the team members.
  • Loss of the main aspect of ICO. Most users have had confusion in understanding what is the direction or what starting point will be implemented.
  • A lot of ideas, none of which for the most part did not realize itself as an existing or not having a layout and business model. The document itself, containing information about future projects, does not contain much about the target - TDC, which is why its adoption by the masses can become problematic.

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