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Tribus mining – miner, calculator

Tribus is a proof-of-work algorithm, which has already been implemented in the form of cryptocurrencies such as Denarius and Bzlcoin. In Latin Tribus meaning tribe or three and this algorithm is based on the combination of three different hashing algorithms, which were featured in NIST5 algorithm and they are JH, Keccak, and Echo.

Review of Tribus Algorithm[edit]

Tribus algorithm is ASIC-resistance and can be mined using CPU and both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Also you can rent Tribus hashing algorithm from mining rig rentals. Denarius is the first coin to use Tribus Proof-of-work hashing algorithm.

The coins that work on Tribus are:

  • Denarius (DNR);
  • BZL coin (BZL);
  • Virtus (VRT);
  • Tin Coin (TIN).
  • Scriv (SCRIV).

.bat file[edit]

ccminer.exe -a tribus -o stratum+tcp://POOL:PORT -u wallet_address -R 3 -i 27
-R – time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 30)
-i – GPU intensity 8-31 (default: auto)

Note: reduce intensity if you get low speed or miner is unstable. Also check several values to find the best speed, for example, “-i 8” can be a bit faster than “-i 9” in some cases. You can do step 0.1 for example “-i 20.1”.
If you have problems with the R or i parameter, you can not use them in the BAT file.


For this algorithm, overclocking only the core. Memory set default settings. Settings for the NVIDIA cards:

Videocard PL Core Fan Speed Overlock
GeForce 1060 3Gb 80% +190 MHz 70% from 27.46-38.4 MH/s
GeForce 1060 6Gb 80% +190 MHz 70% from 29.6-42.1 MH/s
GeForce 1070 90% +200 MHz 70% from 43.5-63.25 MH/s
GeForce 1070 Ti 75% +220 MHz 70% from 70.1-75.5 MH/s
GeForce 1080 75% +220 MHz 70% from 71.2-82.6 MH/s
GeForce 1080 Ti 75% +220 MHz 70% from 91.3-106.6 MH/s

Tribus miners[edit]

Tribus is supported by following miners:

Miner Link

Tribus mining calculators[edit]

In the Internet there is plenty of different mining calculators to count the hashrate and profitability of mining on the Tribus algorithm. There is an example from CrypoToMine website:

Tribus algorithm

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