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A mining pool|mining.

This pool aims to provide a simple reward sharing scheme and fast payments.

The service was first available for beta testing starting June 28, 2011.

Jackpot system[edit]

To give everyone a chance to grow his or her bit coins, we have developed a unique jackpot system.

Every time a block is found, we put some of the bitcoins in our jackpot. Once a week, randomly connected to the find of a block, the jackpot is paid-out to one of the members of the pool that found the block that triggered the jackpot.

This way, everyone has an equal chance, irrespective of his or her processing power, to make additional bit coins every week. The only thing you need to do to participate is to mine with us.

The weekly winner will be notified personally be email, his or her jackpot reward will be deposited into his or her account. Check out our wall of fame to see our previous jackpot winners.

Reward distribution[edit]

With bitcoin mining, pool hash rate (= speed), mining difficulty and a little bit of luck play a central part. Big pools can be depressing, especially if your hash rate is not that great while too small pools with a streak of bad luck leave you with some kind of a stomachache.

To counter this, Triplemining aims to bring together a medium-sized pool with no fees and clever redistribution of 1% of every found block to allow your share to grow more rapidly than on any other bitcoin mining pool.

How do we achieve this?

For every found block, we redistribute 1% of the profits to all minipool owners (people with 1 or more friends mining with them). The redistribution is connected to the shares found by your friends, not yours! So if the hash rate of your friends equals or is bigger than yours, your part in the redistribution will be equally bigger.

For every found block we increase our jackpot by the 1% taken from people who are not part of someone else's mini-pool. Once per week the jackpot is paid-out, randomly connected to the find of a block, to one miner active at the moment of the find.

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