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TrumpiLeaks is a whistleblower website started by American documentary filmmaker and author Michael Moore to solicit leaks of material about Donald Trump from within the Trump Administration, the Trump Organization, and U.S. citizenry. The same year he was scheduled to star in a Broadway theatre one-person show motivated by Donald Trump's ascension to the White House, titled, The Terms of My Surrender.

The website's purpose was to encourage leaks related to Donald Trump, in the form of photographs, video recordings, sound files, or documents. It was founded by filmmaker Michael Moore, as a devoted portal section off his own website at

The site was geared to accept materials from businesses including the Trump Organization, police, or the federal bureaucracy. Moore said he had brought together a group familiar with information security in order to protect the ability of leakers to remain anonymous, and stated the site had "high-powered encryption technology".

Critical analysis and reactions[edit]

Michael Rozsa assessed the significance of the initiative, in a report for Salon, writing: "Moore has launched what will perhaps be his most important project yet". USA Today reporter Sean Rossman commented of Michael Moore's message explaining his new website, "The letter had the tenor of a rallying cry." Similarly, Jacqueline Thomsen writing for The Hill acknowledged, "The documentary filmmaker has been an outspoken critic of President Trump".

WikiLeaks was critical of Moore's actions, and stated its website was more secure than TrumpiLeaks. The Washington Examiner noted the timing of the website's start, coming on the heels of federal law enforcement action against a whistleblower: "The launch of TrumpiLeaks comes just one day after the Department of Justice announced the arrest of 25-year-old federal contractor Reality Winner, for leaking classified information related to Russia to an online news outlet." Italian, German, and Portuguese.


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