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Twinity – is a 3D online virtual world to incorporate true-to-scale replicas of large cities from across the globe, "linked closely with reality." Built on BigWorld Technology and developed by Metaversum GmbH, its economy is based on a free-to-play model.

Twinity Review[edit]

The game offers its citizens, Twinizens, to navigate virtual versions of real-world cities called a mirror world or a Metaverse. A public beta version was launched in September 2008 with the first virtual city, Berlin, and later was added with Singapore, London, Miami, and New York. Then the company has begun to shift the focus towards a fantasy-oriented environment with locations like the Isle of Palmadora. On June 8, 2012, Twinity was acquired by ExitReality.

Avatar customization[edit]

Twinity members represent themselves through the avatars, which can be customized in different ways, including the usage of a Photofit. This application offers a user to upload a real photo and to adapt it to the measurements of an avatar face, making it resemble a picture.


"Globals" - is the virtual currency of the Twinity world, used for buying clothes, furniture items, animations, and paying for virtual apartments. Globals can be purchased with a credit card on the homepage, with PayPal or through Mopay, and gained by attending virtual contests and events.


Twinity is based on professional and user-generated content as well. Many Twinizens are content creators, who can develop and sell their products in VR. Users also create their apartments, shops, clubs, and lounges to host various events or share with others. They can also create their furniture or purchase it from the shops in Twinity. Additionally, Twinity has a real estate agency, where the Twinizens can localize an apartment of their choice.


Twinity uses next-generation texturing technologies to create an up-to-date graphically visual product, for example, such engine features as normal, specular and cube maps, screen-space ambient occlusion, and glow shader effects.

Twinity uses 3D mapping data by Tele Atlas, which makes the virtual buildings resemble their look in the real world.

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