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What Is UHive?

UHive is a blockchain-based social network that combines human psychology with blockchain technology to deliver a new user experience unlike any other social network.

The UHive ecosystem revolves around UHIVE tokens.

Obviously, we already have hundreds of major social networks on the internet today. What makes UHive different? How does UHive plan to separate itself from the crowd? The unique selling feature of the UHive social network is the idea of a “physical dimension”. By adding a physical dimension to the social network, UHive aims to bring digital social interactions to the real world.

How UHive Blockchain Social Network Crypto Coin Works?

UHive is a social network available through a mobile app or web browser. The social network combines a physical dimension with blockchain technology. It also uses AI and virtual reality.

What exactly is this UHive “physical dimension”? Well, the company’s platform allows users to create and display their profile or walls with a digital physical location address in a world of infinite space. Your social profile occupies a real space inside a virtual environment.

In other words, you have a “physical” location within the UHive social network. You can discover and explore the network to find new businesses and spaces. You can zoom in and out or left and right to explore adjacent spaces.

There are two unique spaces within the UHive platform, including the Civilized World and the Grey World:

Civilized World:

The Civilized World is designed for real people and real profiles. You can use this world to navigate your social network of friends, family, peers, and coworkers. It’s a regulated environment similar to what you’d find on Facebook. You can discover topics and communities.

Grey World:

The Grey World is a social network where you can be whatever you want. It’s uncharted and uncontrolled space where users can create their own region and be completely anonymous in a liberating world. Users can run wild with their imagination, creating their own stories and spaces. The world is completely isolated from the Civilized World and secured with a decentralized infrastructure.

UHive has filed patents for two technologies, including their “physical social network” concept and their “Grey World” concept. Both are listed as patent pending.

With UHive, users can have multiple profiles. You can have a profile on the Civilized World and another on the Grey World. You can embrace freedom and imagination on the Grey World while enjoying a regulated environment on the Civilized World. UHive uses a hybrid blockchain technology to keep user data, identity, and activities secured and anonymous.

Let’s go back to talking about UHive’s physical space idea: over time, your physical space in the Civilized World and Grey World can become more unique. As users engage with the platform more frequently, their space will be more visible and attractive to other users.

Users can also choose a specific space location today and then capitalize on the increased value of that space over time. You might situate your profile next to a famous space with lots of traffic, for example, which means people visiting the space will see your profile, increasing the value of your space location.

UHive also mentions virtual reality technology. The social network will be built from the ground up to support virtual reality, although this feature will be optional for users. You can explore the physical spaces inside UHive from a virtual reality device. The social network will also allow you to view movies and photos using VR and perform other social interactions with VR.

UHive Features And Benefits

Why do we need a social network like UHive? What’s the point of creating a “physical” social network? UHive seeks to provide a number of unique benefits to today’s social media infrastructure, including all of the following:

A unique discovery experience compared to traditional social networks Enhanced visibility for brands, businesses, and communities to all users by visual representations, with trending topics easy to identify New marketing trends based on the utilization of high traffic from surrounding spaces and increasing numbers of organic visitors Hybrid blockchain technology that secures all data on the platform, allowing for increased anonymity and data security A new digital token (UHIVE) that can be used to support a thriving digital economy Socially active users will receive free UHIVE tokens on a weekly basis A new, unique, and entertaining experience designed to distinguish UHive from other social networks


UHive HVE Token ICO Details

There’s a total supply of 80 billion UHIVE tokens. UHive has set a hard cap of $52.4 million (or 25 billion UHIVE) for the token sale, with a soft cap of $10 million. Tokens are being sold at a price of $0.003 during the token sale.

UHive expects the value of their tokens to sharply increase as the number of users grows. By the time they have 100 million active users, for example, they estimate their token will be valued at $2.

Who’s Behind UHive?

UHive is led by founder and CEO Muayyad Shehadeh. Shehadeh is originally from Jordan but is based in London. He founded UHive in January 2016. He’s also the acting CEO of BigMIND, Zoolz, the founder of G Cloud, and the CEO of Genie9 – all of which are active positions at active companies.

UHive is headquartered in London, UK.

UHive Conclusion

UHive aims to create a new social network based on the concept of physical space. With UHive, users can occupy a “physical” space inside a virtual environment. The social network exists within an infinite space, and users can occupy whichever part of that space they wish to occupy. Brands and companies can also occupy positions within that space. You’ll be able to explore the space within your mobile app. Or, you can use VR technology – like VR headsets – to explore the space like you would explore any virtual reality environment.

UHive will have two separate social networks, both of which are based on a hybrid blockchain technology. There’s the Civilized World – where you use your real name and information – and the Grey World – where you can create your own story and let your imagination run wild.

To learn more about UHive or to participate in the ongoing ICO, visit our website: www.uhive.io

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