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The essence of UKit is the use of artificial intelligence for website development. The AI 2.0 tool, which is being developed by the UKit team, will allow users to personalize the content of the web resource based on the user's preferences.


The uKit team's portfolio includes uCoz, known in Russia and other countries. The service works for more than 10 years and helps millions of Runet sites. Thanks to the work on uCoz, the creators of AI 2.0 have gained serious experience in Internet projects and today they know exactly what users and website owners want.

AI 2.0 is a universal tool. Using the advanced development of the uKit team, webmasters will get rid of the following problems:

  • The orientation of the site to just one category of visitors;
  • limited conversion;
  • high costs for the development and maintenance of dozens of landing pages.


uData is a database about the reaction of site visitors to any content. It is assumed that uData will be replenished by users themselves, as well as by DMP-platforms. Design development tool. With this service, the webmaster will no longer need to pore over the appearance of the site: AI 2.0 will do everything on its own. Scoring. Scoring assesses the effectiveness of artificial intelligence, the basis of AI 2.0, and helps to improve it. Replacement of content. Probably the main feature of AI 2.0. This tool will be implemented later than others, and will allow you to change the content of the page depending on the wishes of a particular user. Testing A/B/n. The task of the test option is to check what content different visitors want to see. Processing of hypotheses. Allows users to make assumptions about which version of the site is best to show users and check them. Identifies the factors that contribute to the increase and decrease in attendance. Site builder. Website Builder in AI 2.0 will include the option of creating multi-landing, will also be integrated with marketing tools.


The road map of the uKit project team is divided into several stages. The uKit service was launched in the summer of 2015. For 2.5 years it has been used by hundreds of thousands of webmasters. November 2017 — start of development of AI 1.0. The site evaluation service was presented to the public. February 2018 — beta version of AI 1.0. In the test mode, the neural network will function, which determines the preferences of a particular user and changes the site depending on the results of the evaluation. March 2018 — replenishment of data information. June 2018 — AI 1.0. September 2018 — beta version AI 2.0: starting September 2018, site creators will receive a tool to change the site based on the visitor's portrait. January 2019 — final release of AI 2.0.


  • The Pre-Sale. The pre-sale was completed on December 31, 2017, and one token could be purchased for $0.015 during the Pre-Sale.
  • The start time of the main round is February 19, it was possible to buy coins for $0.02 per piece for 2 months.
  • The issue of uKit tokens is simultaneous, 1 billion coins will be issued. 550 million coins are intended for sale on the ICO.

SoftCap of uKit is $2.5 million. If the developers of the tool AI 2.0 will not raise this amount, everyone who bought tokens during the main round of the ICO, will get the money back.

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