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Uplexa IoT

uPlexa is anonymity and eCommerce via IoT. Incentivizing the mass compute power of IoT devices to form a means of anonymous blockchain payments. A secure p2p payment system to pay for your IoT services and devices.

uPlexa Review[edit]

IoT Mining[edit]

A strong focus on making mining profitable for over 8.4 Billion IoT devices, allowing uPlexa to become the most decentralized currency available.

On and Off Chain[edit]

Piecing the congestion puzzle of on and off-chain technologies.

User Anonymity[edit]

uPlexa brings extreme anonymity via modified CryptoNight algorithm. All transactions are private & untraceable.

Fast & Performans[edit]

Brisk transactions with near zero network congestion by using uPlexas Near-Zero Congestion Model (NZGM). Lightweight blockchain, with two minute block times.


PRISM was one of many government developed spy programs to spy on all innocent citizens. One of our many goals is to provide anonymous payment services to users to pay their phone bills and other IoT services.


Each transaction is secured with vigorous cryptography and distributed through a global p2p consensus network. Our team spends more time auditing our code for vulnerabilities than we do building the code itself.

IoT Powered eCommerce[edit]

Pay for services or products, or obtain credits by utilizing your IoT power.

Open Source[edit]

The beta mine has concluded, resulting in the highly-effective uPlexa blockchain. You may view the project's repositories on github.com


  • Name: uPlexa;
  • Ticker: UPX;
  • Coin Supply: 10,500,000,000;
  • Airdrop Amount: 36,750,000;
  • UPX Algorithm: Modified CryptoNight-Light Variant 1 (CryptoNight-UPX);
  • Premine Amount: 7%;
  • Bulletproof Transactions ✔️;
  • LWMA Difficulty Algorithm ✔️.

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