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About Uquid <br /> UQUID builds the world's first smart shopping in Web3 for both physical and digital prod by establishing a bridge between DeFi and E-commerce. Uquid aims to connect parties without an intermediary and reach a broader cross-section of customers around the world by using Smart Contracts and DeFi to support different networks and platforms and to process payments.

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Uquid Web 3.0 <br /> Following the success of Web 2.0, UQUID decided to upgrade to Web 3.0 and the Defi payment system of digital E-commerce, which accepted more than 10 different coins, and integrated the new function which is NFTD (the NFT marketplace) to serve the users demand.

Applying the benefit from Web 3.0 to UQUID shops, users will have a variety of choices in choosing the product with more token payments. Moreover, the clear liquidity also provides a base on the Ethereum blockchain for users to check after a transaction. The remarkable feature is that users can directly connect their wallet to the UQUID shop to purchase the product based on the upgrade Web 3.0 function. Furthermore, the users can stake coins on Uquid to get the DSS coin to shop.

For Merchants, they can build the campaign, event or AMA for attracting buyers who hold the UQC, DSS or different required coins to get the airdrop, reward or pool prize after they purchase the products or register the event following the rules. Web 3.0 has been released to support merchants manage their business freedom without any serious checking or loss like Web 2.0 because Web 3.0 takes the best advantage of blockchain to work with information, state and protocol.

In 5 years of operation, Uquid shop gets more than 1.25 million users with over 40 million products listed.

Uquid DeFi Shopping <br /> Uquid is on its way to developing a new system in defi shopping with 3 features:

  • Shopping Mining: Uquid has created an e-commerce business where buyers can get the loyalty points as DSS tokens for every purchase.

Using smart contracts could ensure that the DSS tokens can be mined borderless, meaning that anyone anywhere can buy products and earn points without being affected by the barrier of local governance. Contrastingly, shoppers are required to have plastic cards to preserve their points in a traditional way, yet using Defi shopping will reduce the plastic cards replacing single wallets instead and keep the environment greener. Once the mining is carried out, the shoppers will either use it to buy other products or to stake for extra tokens.

  • Shopping Staking: Compared to the traditional platform, gathering adequate points to get redeemed or rewarded is considered wasting time and sometimes not preferable and not suitable for shoppers. Defi shopping is an alternative way to earn more cash after purchase completion, shoppers can take the token that they got from mining in Uquid's pool. The interest will be funded to their wallet with transparent liquidity. Thus, shoppers can now control their own assets and tokens.

Hence, shopping staking to boost the customers' buying behavior to receive more reward and enhance the tokens in long-term staking as well as reduce the cheating by the proof of smart contract and establish fairness because there will be no impacts of the internal employees' action as the traditional way.

  • Automated Shopping Staking: Based on the Defi shopping platform, automated trading systems on smart contracts can support suppliers and merchants or even buyers easily get in touch and promptly find suitable products.

This integration will help any business partners reduce the cost of an intermediary because every transaction history, credit or merchants information can be preserved and revealed by smart contract and blockchain, so buyers effortlessly check their business partners based on the blockchain data. Contrastingly, if you are doing traditional ways, it will take much time and related cost to have a third party to find suitable ones.

All transactions and purchases are publicly transparent and verifiable. Partners have more advantages to find suitable suppliers in a few clicks to save time. Hence, it will reduce the risk of supply chain management and avoid fraud in online business.

Buy Now Pay Later <br /> Following Web 3.0, UQUID's ambition is to dominate the crypto marketplace in physical x digital product shopping so Buy Now Pay Later is the pioneer in the DeFi market. Uquid’s Buy Now and pay later in 3 is all about protecting crypto futures value, by delaying the payment in three installments for 90 days, interest-free.

Uquid Pay in 3 is an interest-free loan that lets you split your basket into 3 payments, with the first due 30 days after the time of purchase and subsequent payments due every month on the same date. It is a great way to protect your crypto assets if you believe that the value of that crypto will increase in the future.

Uquid’s Pay in 3 Benefits

  • It's interest-free: There's no interest and no setup fees.
  • Control of your budget: Pay off early without penalty.
  • Hassle-Fee: Shopping Credit will be provided immediately.

Uquid MetaFi <br /> In the next 3 years, Uquid will focus on building and improving the Defi ecosystem to create more opportunities and benefit for users as well as stakeholders and investors.

  • Metaverse: For metaverse, the original strength of Uquid is doing business and gaining profit by improving merchant and user experiences, so Uquid decided to collaborate with metaverse token and game industry to build the NFT in the business segment for them. Clearly, Metaverse companies will be responsible for upgrading and building the products, games, and Uquid will support them in developing the token, ICO, IDO and NFT... to help them gain more profit in the crypto market. Uquid has the NFTD platform, which builds on BSC blockchain and a lot of traders on board, so supporting the metaverse company list NFTs for buying and building token ecosystems for them is very convenient with less cost. A metaverse is also a place for merchants and suppliers to discuss and see real products to create a better business transaction in every purchase and greater belief in business models.
  • Social Fi: UQUID developed the NFTD with the Influencers and famous brands nique so Social Fi will be built carefully and develop incredibly in 2022. Imagine that every individual, every celebrity, every brand, every entertainment industry, every field, etc. have a community in the world issuing their own token, do you think the value of the market is? How much can that reach?



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