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A market exchange site serving those trading between Bitcoins / Litecoins and EUR and USD and GBP. The Service is FREE (0% Fees)

Adding Funds[edit]

BTC / LTC[edit]

Bitcoins/ Litecoin funds are credited to the exchange account after six confirmations. Deposit fee - 0 BTC / 0 LTC


GBP wire deposit fee - 0 £.


EUR wire deposists fee – 0 EUR


USD wire deposists fee – 0 USD.

Withdrawing Funds[edit]

BTC / LTC[edit]

Bitcoins/ Litecoins withdrawal fee - 0.05 BTC / 5 LTC/.


SEPA withdrawal fee 10.00 EUR.


SEPA withdrawal fee 7.00 £.


Wire withdrawal 10 Us$


The Exchange was designed by people with commodities trading deep experience. The First release was oriente to Spot trading; Options and Futures contracts will be added shortly. The service is free to use (0% fees) on trading. Small commission are implemented to payback on withdrawal. The small fees payed on withdrawal are used also to pay backoffice management that manually operate transfers (the system is full cold, so no way to steal coins).

As of April 10, 2017, VCX is facing a major SSL vulnerability, therefore it's strongly advised to do not use its service.

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