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VISO is a payment system that combines the possibility of making mutual settlements with fiat money, using payment and credit cards, as well as cryptocurrencies.


The project team will bring together almost the entire industry of traditional, online and digital payments, exchanges, trade and business. The key points are as follows:

  • VISO-Wallet - a place to store cryptocurrencies and to exchange them promptly;
  • Crypto currency exchange VISO – VISO coins can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money;
  • VISO Shop - easy creation of an online store and a terminal for accepting payments in all formats;
  • Plastic cards VISO Card is a convenient tool for payment for goods/services directly from the VISO account, both in cryptocurrency and fiat money. They will have support for SMART Balance that allows currency conversion at the expense VISO;
  • SMART terminals - provide the ability to accept payments for goods/services in traditional outlets or in favor of third parties. The project will support the following key currencies – USD, EUR, Georgian Lari, VITO coin.

Payment system[edit]

It is combined with the mobile wallet and cryptocurrency exchange, which will operate on the territory of Georgia. The regulator will be the national Bank of Georgia, the license "Payment system Operator". In addition, payments will be accepted within VISA and MasterCard systems, which means obtaining TPP and MSP VISO licenses. The work of VISO terminals will also start from the territory of Georgia to work out the system of implementation and correction of possible problems before entering the international market. The VISO wallet and plastic cards will be immediately available for order anywhere in the world.

VISO token[edit]

The VISO Token Open Sale stage was held from November 26 to March 15, 2018. HardCap of the project was 25 000 000$. The total issue of VISO is 1 billion. 20% of the total issue of tokens will remain in the management team for exchange rate regulation in the process of activity.

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