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VK Coin скриншот

VK Coin is an internal currency of Russian social media vk.com. This currency is supposed to be mined. The application for mining was launched on 1, April 2019 and attracted 4 million users during the first week. VK representatives do not announce whether the VK Coin is connected with cryptocurrency and whether the launch of it is planned.

About VK Coin[edit]

VK Coin is not a cryptocurrency and does not use a blockchain technology. The developers offer so-called mining of this currency by clicking the blue button in the app. The app is available on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

The principle of mining is to touch the blue button. The user gains 0,001 VK Coin by each click. A player can buy some boosters to increase the speed and the quantity of money earning. These boosters are:

  • cursor (+0,001/s)
  • video card (+0,003/s)
  • set of video cards (+0,01/s)
  • supercomputer (+0,03/s)
  • VK server (+0,1/s)
  • quantum computer (+0,5/s)
  • data center (+1/s)

All these boosters can be purchased for mined VK Coin currency. The quantity of the purchase is not limited so users can improve the speed of mining infinitely. Boosters are added together so users can mine without clicking on the blue button: the currency is being mined automatically.

Using of VK Coin[edit]

Players can transfer accumulated coins to their friends and use it for partner's offers. For instance, it's possible to change 50 - 500 k VK Coins for the discount on food delivery. The list of the partners is promised to be replenished.

Frankly saying, VK Coin is just a promotion for users' pages due to the presence of the richest TOP-list.

VK Coin perspectives[edit]

Official representatives do not disclose the further development of VK Coin. So it is not clear whether it will be possible to withdraw money and whether coins will be tied to VK Pay account (a payment system which is designed for convenient payments and transfers within vk.com).

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