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VenaPi-Tron (Trx) Wallet, How Does It Make?

There is no doubt that since Justin Sun announced that VenaPi wallet fully supported TRX, it has already opened the pace of VenaPi sweeping the world.

VenaPi’s own data shows that its users cover more than 30 countries and regions, and it is the most international one in the current Tron wallets. Many data monitoring organizations, including DAppRader, believe that the number of active users of VenaPi may have exceeded the scale of thousands. What’s more important, it continues to grow.

In January 2019, VenaPi CEO Zhu Qing was invited to San Francisco to participate in Tron Global Developer Conference. At the summit, Justin Sun conducted a brief conversation on more cooperation between the two sides. Although Justin Sun has many projects around him, there are very few opportunities for attending to the conference and has conversation with him. It is clear that VenaPi has been recognized by the Tron community including Justin Sun.

Support Multiple Terminals, Rich DApp Resources At present, VenaPi has partnered with more than 80 DApps, including 60 games, 5 exchanges, 14 tools, and 2 news. There are some in-depth intermodal projects, and VenaPi team has been working hard to provide quality services to users alongside DApp projects.

For example, the star project-HashDice, once hit the top three in Tron rankings, was the first launch in VenaPi. VenaPi team has quickly completed the community cold start, bringing amazing results.

As a global wallet, VenaPi supports 14 languages ​​including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, etc.Thus fans from all over the world can experience in VenaPi.

Rich DApp resources also include continuous and innovative innovation. The Energy Bank T-Bank project, which is developed by VenaPi team, allows users to obtain energy by paying a certain amount of Trx purchases. It is much more cost-effective to deduct the Trx balance directly than when the energy is insufficient. For users, if you do not want to sacrifice liquidity by freezing Trx for energy. Energy Bank offers them a new option. The Energy Bank is the star project with deep participation.

There are many other innovations. For example, there’s an exclusive tool for — Tronbet-the popular games in Tron. VenaPi team worked with a team from Brazil and TronLink to has became partners with Vminer mining tools.

More and more DApps have chosen VenaPi and VenaPi airdrops tool which has already issued airdrops for more than a dozen projects. Attracting more than 10,000 users.

By the way, PC version of VenaPi is also on the line and will also support payment function in the later vesion. Nowadays, the most popular crypto wallet for European and American users is VenaPi on the mobile side. You can find it in Google Play and you can also download it directly through the official website.

Deep Foundation, Deep Cultivation of Tron Ecology VenaPi team comes from the Singapore team Vena Foundation. The investors includes LD capital, famous in Asia, and exchanges like Kucoin and Digifinex, and star institutions like Consensus Lab.

Recognized by the industry, VenaPi get the confidence to devote in TRON. They have succeed, and is not a junior team.

Vena Network has cooperated with many finance projects with the decentalized protocol. VenaBao is another product. The VENA team is building its competitive power with TRX financing.

The VENA team has always been winning prizes with excellent products.On August 10, 2018, at the 2018 Fenwick Financial Technology Summit (Hong Kong), the FINWISE Awards Ceremony kicked off. The festival has set up four awards: “Outstanding Persons Award for Distinct Blockchain”, “Outstanding Financial Technology Enterprise Award”, “Blocked New Technology Blockchain Technology Award”, and “Outstanding Technology Finance Award”.

Vena Network won the “New Blockchain Technology Award” at the awards ceremony of the summit. Zhu Qing, CEO of Vena Network, was invited to the summit and took the stage to receive the award. That day, the winners also included He Yi, the partner of Binance, and Canaan,, etc.

Global VenaPi In East Asia, VenaPi has build communities of more than 10,000 people. And held offline meetings in Vietnam, Thailand, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu. Finally complete the financing of the product. Different from other projects, Vena focus more on token circulation, some games on TRON have supported the payment of VENA token.

lCO Analytics has picked Vena as the highlights of crypto exchanges investments in 2018.

In this month, Ching, CEO of VenaPi, was again invited to have a live stream in the community of famous Taiwan blockchain media. Blockchaintimes, and talked about the thoughts of building TRON ecosystem.

Earlier, VenaPi had cooperated with TRON SRs like CryptoDiva, Sesameseed, and became one of the wallets that support BTT airdrop.

The lady with experience in Tecent has been reported by decades of medias all over the world. She has been exploring their blockchain dream on TRON with her team.

Acquiring Tron101, Supporting 10 Million Market Value Up to now, the token of VenaPi is reaching 8 million dollars. They hope to reach 10 million in the future, and get more market convenience for the circulation.

To achieve the goal, VenaPi keep fighting on TRON. They have acquired Tron101, the biggest TRON information platform in China, and cooperates with DAPPX community, keep the advantage of content.

Russia, USA, Canada are also the target of VenaPi. They build a oversea team to supply localize service.

Oversea users has reflected for the action. They build a VenaPi Community, where people can see news about VenaPi and TRON.

Maybe VenaPi will become a popularity in the near future. TRON foundation also keep interacting with VenaPi on social media, regarding VenaPi as one of the products that worth appreciating most.

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