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ViMarket is a 3D market that recently announced the beginning of pre-sale of their ViToken. This event will take place on 07 December, 2017 as a part of ICO.


ViToken is developed on the basis of Ethereum technology. Pre-sale participants will be in more favorable conditions compared to other users, as they will get tokens at a discount. After the completion of the campaign for the preliminary sale of the coin, its first offer is expected, which will happen not earlier than December 1.

The company conducts ICO to expand its tools and create mutually beneficial partnerships with commercial structures that will act as sponsors.


vimarket's three-dimensional marketplace provides users with tools to create and share experiences in the field of virtual reality, accessible from any device connected to the world wide web. The service's own editor provides a chance to become the creator of interactive photo realistic VR simulations to anyone, regardless of what knowledge and experience he has.

Using ViTokens, users can purchase a virtual analogue of the product of interest and test it in a created virtual environment that simulates its real environment of use.

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