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VIP2fan is an innovative solution that unites people with their idols, enabling celebrities to generate their tangible souvenirs and sell them through the app, with blockchain technology, which guarantees their authenticity. At the same time, all certified merchandising can also enter the market (prior approval) and be, from that moment on, secure in their exchange, which allows the scalability of the system and its expansion to other modalities (art, jewelry, timepieces , etc.).


Create a safe ecosystem for the exchange of tangible goods from celebrities to fans/followers. Potential market = 387,000 million US$ .
Specialized, compact team with extensive experience. Large network of contacts with celebrities.


IDORU tokens to be used within the VIP2fan ecosystem. Sales target: 7,000,000 US$
Pre-sale 30% bonus
Sale on the first day 20% bonus (tokens) Sale during the public sale 10% bonus (tokens) In all instances: for each referral, a bonus of 20% of the investment made by the referral (tokens) A limited amount of IDORU tokens 18 months for development.

The tokens not sold in the ICO offering will be distributed among the buyers.

Idoru will be listed on IDAX

Today, we want to share with all of you this great news: Idoru will be listed on IDAX!!! When the ICO ends, IDAX will add a new token in its listings: the Idoru (IDR).

What is IDAX?

IDAX is the exchange for cryptocurrency for all the asian zone. Based in Mongolia, it’s among the 20 exchanges with more business volume (+78.736.983 US$ millions). Growing constantly and specialized in the Chinese market it lists tokens like Status, Next o Eternity, among others.

Thanks to the

use of this cryptocurrency, the Idoru (IDR), you will have access to the purchase of articles, goods and services from artists, athletes and celebrities within our platform, an ecosystem that will guarantee all transactions thanks to the Blockchain technology.

You’ll no longer have doubts about the origin of each object that you collect.


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