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Volentix is dedicated to developing a digital assets ecosystem premised on empowerment and independence while nonetheless respecting legal compliance. Volentix introduces a decentralized digital assets exchange connected with a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet, a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, and an incentives-based recruitment program.

The guiding philosophy of VOLENTIX is decentralization paired with transparency. The commitment is to promulgating open-source code with full functionality for making proposals within a robust community governance structure preparing for artificial intelligence operability within the evolving Internet of Things.

Volentix DAE[edit]

A comprehensive digital assets ecosystem (DAE) can be created by combining a decentralized digital assets exchange with a secure multi-currency cross-blockchain peer-to-peer wallet, a user-friendly market-ratings analytical interface, and an incentives-based recruitment program.

VDEX: Decentralized Exchange[edit]

VDEX is envisioned as a distributed, decentralized digital assets exchange with emphasis on user experience, security, speed, authentication, ease of use, scalability, multi-asset support, and community development and governance implemented by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) constructed on custom-built applications using EOS.IO smart contracts and related technology.

VERTO: Multi-Currency Wallet[edit]

VERTO is being built as a multi-currency wallet to facilitate personal custody and local management of private and public keys for use in peer-to-peer transactions, with the goal of eliminating risks of devastating losses of stake associated with traumatic failures of central operators.

VESPUCCI: Crypto Rating[edit]

VESPUCCI is in development as an analytics engine accessible via a user-friendly interface with treasure troves of real-time and historical market data, including digital assets ratings and sentiment analysis.

VENUE: Community Platform[edit]

VENUE is a dynamic community platform that recruits and aligns members of the VOLENTIX community to support distribution of the native VOLENTIX digital asset known as VTX.


VTX is the native digital asset to be issued and used on the VDex decentralized exchange. We currently plan to use an eosio.token contract from the EOS.IO framework to issue 2.1 billion EOS.IO-compliant VTX tokens with a supply of 1.3 billion. VTX will have a diverse array of uses, for example:

  • To reward participants in the consensus process and in Venue campaigns.
  • To pay and redistribute transaction fees on the VDex exchange.
  • To submit and vote on proposals to the Volentix ecosystem, using the voting rights allocated to VTX holders.
  • To stake support for reviewing proposals and implementing projects.
  • To incentivize users to participate in order book settlement by becoming nodes via their Verto wallets.
  • To incentivize users to lock funds in for >24 hours by HTLC time-bound transactions.

VTX Allocation[edit]

2.1 Billion

Public 78%

  • 455 Million Public Treasury
  • 800 Million Staking Transactions
  • 364 Million Public Distribution

Contributors and Facilitators 19%

  • 156 Million Contributors
  • 130 Million Prior Work
  • 130 Million Future Work

Seed Funding 3%

  • 65 Million

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