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WOWX is a centralized exchange which provides a fuss free user interface better liquidity, faster transaction speeds and enhanced security. WOWX takes it further by engaging users on the platform through its highly rewarding activities. Simply by being a centralized exchange, WOWX has a great audience of investors due to centralized exchanges’ popularity among them.


A centralized exchange not only facilitates transactions faster resulting in higher trading volumes compared to decentralized or P2P exchanges. This would further increase the liquidity of tokens. Designed with a user-friendly interface, similar to the structure of traditional exchanges, offers access to beginners and experts alike. This lowers barriers to entry, allowing easy on-boarding of new traders, hence, serving a wider database.

WOWX puts security at its number one priority by introducing a bank-grade secured smart card for its users. The card will allow users to securely store private keys and coins. Multi-factor authentication embedded within the smart card further strengthens security. WOWX amplifies the advantages of centralized exchanges through various measures and also further improves security.

WOWX's Smart Card[edit]

WOWX’s Smart Card will provide users with the highest level of security. The Smart Card is simple but sophisticated solution using a hardware technology that will give you a portable but secure storage for your private keys and coins. It will integrate multi-factor authentication functions - one-button authentication and transaction data signing authentication.

The one-button authentication provides users with unique one-time passwords (OTP) that will expire with time. Users will be required to key in the OTP generated by their Smart Card when logging into the platform. This OTP will also be used to authenticate withdrawals.

A transaction data signature works as a piece of information used to authenticate a message that is unique to each transaction by using information from taken from the transaction such as transaction amount and time stamp. Any changes made after a transaction has been electronically signed will be invalid. This helps ensure authenticity and maintain data integrity.

The WOWX Smart Card will also feature an E-Paper Display (EPD), an EVM chip, a power and option buttons to allow users to make selections. The Smart Card is equipped with its own rechargeable battery and charging terminal. Users will be able to view account balances and QR codes for wallet addresses for P2P transactions. PIN codes and addresses for verification and transfer purposes can be entered by the option button as well.

WOWX’s Smart Card is nothing like anything on the market. We solve all your security concerns through simple but unique ways.

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