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WW-Pay is an exchange service offering good conditions for the exchange of not only fiat, but also cryptocurrencies. The course is updated frequently, the commission of the service is low, and technical support responds promptly when difficulties arise.


The exchange is carried out without operator intervention, in automatic mode. The waiting period is up to 5 minutes, but in most cases the client receives money even faster, almost instantly. The service works in 24x7 mode. If you plan to work with Yandex Money, please note that for the amount of up to 15,000 roubles, the application is processed only after 12 hours, and for amounts above this limit — after 48 hours. The service can additionally delay the execution of the application for 48 hours if the client after the first exchange within 2 days has issued an application for an exchange in the amount of 50,000 roubles. In the future, such restrictions are not used. Return on cancellation of the application is carried out with the retention of the exchange commission.


Registration is not obligatory, but if users have an account, they will get a small discount - 0.05%. With the growth of turnover the discount increases: for the amount of exchanges to $100,000, the discount will be 0.25%.


The course changes very often. Due to high volatility, it is recalculated every 3 minutes. If users are at the stage of registration on the application, the cryptocurrency exchange rate is fixed for 15 minutes, so that the client has time to bring the matter to the end. The average cryptocurrency exchange time is 15-30 minutes, depending on the network delay.

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