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About Walkex

WALKEX is an exchange that operates cryptographic currency trading, and offers many other products and services related to cryptocurrencies, such as DEX, IEO Launchpad.

It is a secure, reliable cryptocurrency exchange that runs on blockchain technology with a priority of providing traders enough security to their funds, and convenient access to their fund anytime without hesitation.

WALKEX is a platform with a solid technical base, improved security, and user’s friendly interface, with a proper legal standing, and transparency in operations. A platform that enables convenient digital assets for anyone, with good database that can accommodate billions of traders all over the globe without encountering the traditional technical problems faced by other exchanges.

It is uncommon for exchanges to advertise false liquidity with the hope of convincing traders and investors to their platform. We believe that financial misinformation poses a great risk to frequent traders, investors, and taints the perception of the industry that is held by the masses and media.

Walkex.com is part of a limited company of financial technology incorporated in Estonia called Walkex OÜ with registration number 14605058. WALKEX creates a cryptocurrency financial center with the help of advanced blockchain technologies. Our team develops a state-of-the-art platform to provide reliable, convenient, secure and affordable services to customers around the world.

Financial Data

Token- Walk Coin

Platform- Waves

Type- Waves

Investment Info

Accepting- BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH

Distributed in ICO- 60%

Soft cap- 1,000,000 EUR

Hard cap- 50,000,000 EUR

Price in ICO- 0.0536 USD

Walkex Exchange Features and Usage

Walkex Exchange has developed a very safe and credible ecosystem to swiftly trade and invest in fiat-cryptocurrency assets, and a Decentralized Exchange to facilitate various IEOs and trade any pair instantly at zero additional costs. “WALKEX DEX will allow users to trade any pair of tokens without conducting a transaction through an intermediate currency. It takes a few milliseconds to approve the transaction.” Walkex has solved one of the biggest issues in the cryptocurrency trading exchanges. Which are: risk of hacks, frauds, and pump-and-dump scheme. These are most important things we took time to tackle WALKEX has sufficient liquidity, the prices and the speed of our transactions will never get compromised. Once you’ve decided which cryptocurrencies you’d like to purchase, you are assured that WALKEX exchange liquidity and trading volume got you covered. This enables your transactions to be fast and easy. This also means that you’re able to buy and sell without the cryptocurrency’s price being significantly affected by big market movers. WALKEX Exchange charges a small percentage of the amount you trade. Our charges are best we want to show to the world of our uniqueness. While paying less is always attractive, keep in mind that WALKEX best to prioritize security and liquidity to the fees. Because we considered that our investors and users funds will defeat its purpose if they pay next to nothing on transaction fees, and then lose all your funds in a hacker’s attack. So walkex security got you covered Depending on where you live, WALKEX exchange works, you need WALKEX that have licence on international level. That accepts fiat currency, and the fees we charge for local currency comparing to international customers are almost the same, this makes us so unique compared to other exchanges that has a huge fees from local currency to other fiats. WALKEX Have law approval, be rest assured that government will not be a stopping block to our intending exchange success.

External Links

Website: www.walkex.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/walkex#_= _

Twitter: HTTP://mobile.twitter.com/Walk_Ex

Telegram community: HTTP://t.me/officialwalkex

Telegram channel: HTTP://t.me/walkex

Medium: HTTP://medium.com/@info_46994

Linkedin: HTTP://www.linkedin.com/showcase/walk-ex/