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Webercoin logo
Webercoin ICO Review
Webercoin ICO
Ticker: WBC
ICO start: 2018-07-28 00:00:00
ICO end: 2018-08-28 00:00:00
Price: 1 WBC = 0.0003488 ETH
Bonus: 1
Tokens: 50,000,000 WBC
Tokentype: ERC20
Hardcap: 20,000,000 USD
Softcap: 200,000 USD
Platform: Ethereum
Distributed: 50%
Minimum: 50 USD
Accepting: ETH

Webercoin is the fuel for the ecosystem. It is a form of payment made to users of the platform who contribute positively and by users who want to effectively use the platform and help businesses grow.


Webercoin's strategy tackles two problems by making social media less cumbersome with business ads and gives business owners a dedicated platform for their business. It will use location to target business owners and customers who are in proximity to each other to reach them first as well as sponsored ads to reach a wider audience of their choice and specification.


10th March - 10th April, 2018: PRE ICO.
5th May - 28th July: ICO.
August, 2018: Ecosystem development.
September, 2018: Beta testing.
October, 2018: Native Android / IOS mobile apps.
February 2019: Implementation of Webercoin on other Advert Platforms
March 2019: Use of Webercoin in Retail Advertising
April 2019: Implementation of Webercoin on Trading Adverts[1]


name: title: links: group: photo: iss:
Tosin Komolafe Technical Advisor Tosin Komolafe photo 3.3
Steve Good Strategic Advisor Steve Good photo 15.3
Yilji Dimka Legal Advisor D&D Partners Yilji Dimka photo 7.3
Jatin Madhra Business Advisor Digi ASAP Jatin Madhra photo 5.3
Raghav Sawhney Marketing Advisor Digi ASAP Raghav Sawhney photo 8.2
Susan Onigbinde CEO DODO Designs Ltd Susan Onigbinde photo 3.3
Sheneni Tukura CEO Webercom Tech Ltd Sheneni Tukura photo 3.3
Pishikeni Tukura Operations and Strategy Development Lead Webercom Tech Ltd Pishikeni Tukura photo 7.3
Daniel Omokpo Head Ethereum Blockchain Developer Webercom Tech Ltd Daniel Omokpo photo 7.3
Oladipupo Bello Lead Decentralized App Developer Webercom Tech Ltd Oladipupo Bello photo 3.3
Ejiogu Princewill Head UX & UI Developer Webercom Tech Ltd Ejiogu Princewill photo 3.3

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