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Web Innovation Ph Inc. is a company that provides web development services, system, application and ICO projects. Last 2018 Web Innovation Ph Inc. has been successfully launched their own cryptocurrency WEBN utility token in the Ethereum Network with the 6B total supply and its public ICO has reached the hardcap. Now, then the WEBN token are available in the market and listed on Coinmarketcap.

Where Excellence Benefits Nurturing (WEBN) token is a type of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and many others, where WEBN utility token differs is in the long-term strategy to develop a currency with real-utility demand for tomorrow’s digital world.

WEBN token can be used as mode of payment to purchase website development, systems, graphic designs, logo, icon, videos and electronic products. WEBN token payments provide clients with a 10-50% discounted guarantee on any services offered and purchased. We believe that with the right approach and focus, we will be able to promote and attract more businesses in accepting and utilizing digital currency as a payment to our services.

Their mission is to enhance, exceed and succeed in providing innovative IT strategies that promote our clients products, services, new markets and increased yearly revenue returns. They believe in providing a major impact on increased revenues and dedicated passion strategies for future growth at effective and affordable prices. The Web Innovation Ph Inc. company creates optimized solutions that assist them through digital technology to capitalize on their ideas for future growth.

WEBN token is really excited to announce the launch of its Token Staking Program (TSP) on its amazing multi real use case utility token platform that is nearing completion.